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For your family insured by NCUA twelve twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks no new problem hopping up on southbound three ninety five the delays after seminary road at a house Duke street the left lane is blocked there's a vehicle within the comes there possibly a work zone there's been some work there most of the week so that's the reason for that delay eastbound sixty six inside the beltway heavy from Washington Boulevard heading into Arlington that is also a work zone and that is taken has the left lane getting you by northbound ninety five after seventeen and some of the work in the right lane but not really causing a backup southbound route one south of one twenty three the work in the right lane and Dale Boulevard near Kerry Dale road was still the scene of a crash now in Maryland south bound to ten delays headed toward Fort Washington road a single lane gets by that paving project the emergency working really affects southbound three near Bel Air drive in Milford Boulevard while on the beltway eight is the outer loop of the beltway in a delay from the Baltimore Washington parkway headed toward route one in College Park this is the mobile pothole repair crew on the move and they're taking the two right lanes in the district outbound New York Avenue after South Dakota Avenue the guard real work in the right lane southbound to ninety five after MalcolmX watch for work taking the lane and eastbound freeway between the nine th street tunnel in south cap you lose the left lane with the work protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control for a free inspection eight eight eight eight eight eight home or home paramount dot com I read a counselor WTOP traffic will be dealing with rain today especially during the later afternoon and evening hours with some pockets of moderate to heavy rain potentially impacting portions of the area highs today in the upper fifties to mid sixty rain winds down overnight tonight and temperatures plummet into the thirties without freeze warnings and watches have been posted for areas north and west of the metro area tonight and will likely be dealing with freeze concerns again Saturday night into Sunday morning wind chills tomorrow morning in the twenties wind chills tomorrow afternoon in the thirties and forties and storm team four meteorologist Amelia draper D. four degrees in the nation's capital tell us what you're seeing on your commute call the WTOP traffic center at eight six six three zero for WTOP Washington's top news traffic and weather keeping you informed twenty four seven three sixty five Baltimore Chesapeake to the Shenandoah WTOP Washington's top news on air and online at WTOP dot com good afternoon I never find steam with Jocelyn Chesson at the editor's desk coming up unemployment soars to almost fifteen percent more than twenty million Americans unemployed last month Congress considers cutting you another check in the.

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