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Are reinforcing safety and prioritizing it or even prioritizing life work balance it's a tight labor market employers really have to listen to what their employees want and where they're gonna feel more comfortable with so much concern from employees wilder workplaces. Look even more different than they already are. We're already used to social distancing and mask policies if you're going into an office that's a really good question and companies did already invest in retrofitting. Their offices. Everything from sanitizer to barriers plastic barriers and social distancing as you said and what we're going to see upon return is even hyper vigilance about that. Maybe companies will who had plans for a certain amount of workers and certain days may even be more restrictive about that mask in the offices. A really big debate right now on social media especially with vaccinated people and now with the recent guidance about wearing masks indoors. Employees are really wondering. Am i going to have to wear a mask on the office. And in fact we did see some companies yesterday including facebook target and home depot. Say they'll start requiring some workers to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status ray. It seems like this whole idea of uncertainty and change could be an ongoing part of participating in the workforce. That's right it could really be more so now than before primarily because the delta variant has thrown in basically a wrench into the previous plans and companies employees have learned a lot about how productive people can be when they're working remotely and questioning whether they really have to be in person in the office. But it's going to be a challenge to those companies again in a tight labor market. Especially if you're not offering lots of flexibility for employees to work wherever they want to work from or what what days they wanna come in. So i think we'll continue to see just based on interviews that i've had with experts hybrid more flexibility and maybe those tools in terms of the in person safety guidelines and layouts may not be enough for some employees comfort. So that's a long way of saying. That flexibility is going to be a key word on the minds of employers for the foreseeable future until we got this under control. Ray smith joining us this morning. Ray thank you so much. Thank you and finally live. Music is making a comeback while. That's good news for everyday working musicians after a year of mask. Mandates and crowd limits behind the scenes. They may be a little out of tune. They're frantically practicing brushing up on lyrics and searching for equipment. That's been hiding in the back of a closet. One los angeles singer songwriter told us that. For much of the past year he was doing to our livestream six days a week to keep himself in shape and to find new followers now. He's racing across the country for five or six weeks at a time and a nearly new camper plane shows fans old and new. And that's what's news for tuesday. We'll be back tonight with a new show until then follow the news on wsj.com and the journal app a mark stewart for the wall street journal. Thanks for listening..

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