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Hello friends we are back this week we are just coming off of noble beach we are going into riviera with tiger woods we have our good friend kevin kisner on who has probably his best appearance thus far no doubt he and i are in a little mini fight about a big fight this weekend which is ruffin rowdy his buddies fight and we have mon trenton i kind of dragged him through the whole deal it's a great episode it's a great interview with kids we have frankie borelli is back four from the gallery but first we will tell you about tommy jon now we've got over the scope of times and we cannot stress enough i started to get a couple of tweets from people this week that it clearly starting to buy in that are like while you guys absolutely were not kidding about the tommy jot the tommy john underwear is by far the most comfortable underwear i've ever worn in my entire life on saturday last saturday we talked about last show how we are out of the wastemanagement phoenix open the entire day the only option for me in the morning when i got up a new that from about five am until about i don't know nine or ten pm i'll be out in the sun i'll be running late italy running to try to get to the 16th whole i will be sitting there i'll be standing i'll be cheering be buzzing around doing everything you possibly do i be out in the phoenix arizona heat the only only only possibility for me was my tommy john underwear they have unparalleled comfort tomba johns innovative designs and patented fabrics ensure that you're unaware will never right up the ways they were never roll down and you will never get a wedgie best pair guarantee if you do not love it on you it is on them at tommy jam tomba john reengineered underwear so you never have to adjust which is very very nice yeah it's very go special he said when you're doing 12hour 14hour day on the sun it just fits it just fits really really nicely they've got an entire line a comfortable clothing at tommy john kluge all kinds of undershirts that state tucked in socks it never fall down sh wait until you check out.

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