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Still awaiting trial criminal courts the burns WCBS newsradio eight eight the United States is threatening to sanction Turkey following its attacks on the American allied Kurds in northern Syria CBS news White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy with more the president is concerned about the ongoing military offensive treasury secretary Stephen minu chin says the administration stands ready to impose sanctions on Turkey urging it not to target civilians or allow a single ISIS fighter to escape from prisons that had been guarded by Kurdish forces these are very powerful sanctions we hope we don't have to use them but we can shut down the Turkish economy if we need to do to didn't explain why the sanctions aren't being imposed now he couldn't answer whether the president would still host his Turkish counterpart for a scheduled visit next month Stephen Portnoy CBS news the White House the U. S. is responding to missile attacks on oil tankers in Saudi Arabia defense secretary mark asper says Iran is to blame in response to continued threats in the region I've ordered the deployment to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia of two additional fighter squadrons and supporting personnel along with additional patriot and that air and missile defense batteries taken together with other deployments I've extended or authorize the last month this involves about three thousand United States forces since may eleven thousand troops have been sent to that region a joint house committee heard from former Ukrainian ambassador Marie of on a **** today as part of its impeachment investigation more from CBS news correspondent bill Rakoff on Capitol Hill the chairs of the three committees conducting the impeachment inquiry say although that Maria von image was willing to voluntarily appear before lawmakers they had to issue a subpoena when the state department directed or not to testify in her opening statement your bottom which said that the state department was pressured by the trump administration to remove her as US ambassador to Ukraine those efforts she says were based on unfounded claims by people she described as having questionable motives bill ray **** CBS news Capitol Hill General Motors has made a new offer to the striking you're not a you right at auto workers union more from W. W. J. reporter Jeff Gilbert in Detroit GM asking the union to bargain around the clock this after the U. A. W. tells GM it will respond to the company's latest proposal after subcommittees have completed their work four weeks of lost production estimated to have cost GM one point one three billion dollars that you a W. strike against GM has lasted for nearly a month for thirty four W. C. B. S. a new report places equal blame on both Boeing and the FAA for problems with the seven thirty seven MAX jets that led to two deadly crashes CBS news correspondent Peter king with details the joint authorities technical review says the planes anti stall system was not thoroughly evaluated with two little FAA engagement of oversight Reuters says it calls the agency's awareness of the system inadequate with two little involvement at Boeing certification process criticizes the FAA for a manpower shortage in says Boeing employees faced undue pressure from quote conflicting priorities and environment that doesn't support FAA requirements Peter king CBS news fire officials in northern California say a man who relied on oxygen died twelve minutes after losing electricity in an outage planned by Pacific gas and electric utility had preemptively cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes across northern California in an effort to prevent its equipment from touching off wild fires in dry windy weather W. C. B. S. news time four thirty five this.

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