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Some of them are more sexual matters. How about that? Well, so I actually got a thing with Instagram back in the day. They did me. I'm sure and I learned from that that they will keep me around. And I'm just not allowed to do splits or handstand. It's gotta be like, you're in a scenic s place nothing. I'll like it's gotta be beautiful Frank and beans must be coverage. Literally like Photoshop not in Bohol. No, no holes. Good to know. Exactly, entrepreneurs Z. I mean, do not CME a whole pick a split pit a handstand pick. Like, I gotta keep it classy. I love you. So this is so genius. I know that the older LGBT LGBTQ community men, gay men, lesbian woman. I know they look through very different time than us. I actually had a really good friend of mine who's kind of like he's like a like a Deepak Chopra of the gay community. And I'm not gonna say his name to protect his identity for this story. But he asked me to go on the channel that was the gay channel on Sirius. When I was at serious, and I was like sure so we intr- my friend introduced him to the head guys. The channel Larry flick is a guy's name, and I love Larry. But Larry like old school gay, man. He's a bear. He's been the committee forever. He lived through the aids epidemic. He watched friends die, you know. And so I remember my friend came in. And I thought it was gonna be like, all good and Copacetic. And apparently, they just went in on my friend, and they were like with a fucker you with your cheer. Enjoy. You have no idea. The path to pave the the pavement we laid for you to get here. Like, do you respect us? All I mean, personally, I get that quite often rate it, and so that's I'm now hearing your story. I'm like, okay, you're probably getting the same thing lesbian community. I'm not that entrenched in. So maybe I don't quite, you know, maybe I haven't had that reaction because I'm just not like in it that might also don't understand the lesbian community. Well, this is the funny thing I kind of understand the gay community. But like, I also don't understand the gay community. I feel like you, and I can really like teach each other things right now. But I will say that I think that there is like I think there's a generational war. Amongst like, no matter what your sexuality is. But I think there's a major one not so much the lesbian community, but really so much in the game male community, we agree. And I don't know if it's type thing, I think it's based on a lot of things that maybe are are emotional. But I think some of them are really real. I think the aids epidemic was is like have you watched a normal heart, the normal heart. I have not. But I just saw boy race if you ever seen that movie. No. So boy race is about gay conversion therapy. Oh, Oh, my. my how his family said this boy. And it's based on a true story. How the kid like moved to New York says family didn't accept him. And then like four years later, they finally accepted him once he moved away and became successful as a writer, right? But like, it's really like, a gut wrenching story. It's important for us as the new the newer versions because it is it's still a hard path walk, but it's much easier path to walk. I think it's important for us to think that though because sometimes I get confused, and like I get a lot of messages from people, and they it's really not an easier path. It's only because we live in this bubble in New York. So you think You're you're right. right. And then you're blinded from like your own does middle America. Otherwise in the world. You're right. So I sometimes always try to remember what it feels like. But you kind of forget once you're like, comfortable out, and you're like, it's harder. But you can kind of go back there. But it's hard to go back back there. You were in utter tear because that's what it feels like. But I do think it's important for us to like educate us about the gay people who came before us, and so like a on the normal heart. It's Mark Ruffalo, it's Taylor kitsch. It's map Omer. It's amazing for all..

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