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Biden was at McHenry County College in suburban Crystal Lake. Yesterday, he was drumming up support for his massive American families, planets aimed at increasing accessibility to education and childcare. It would create free community college for all. Does anybody think in the 21st century? With the changes taking place in technology and across the board. Had 12 years of education is enough to be able to live in them class life. I don't think so. Biden's plan would also create universal pre K incentives for businesses to provide on site childcare and increased tax credits for families with Children. He says. New taxes on high earners can pay for it. Chicago police say to a T F agents in a Chicago police officer, shot and wounded early yesterday have been treated and released from the hospital. They were shot on the South Side Expressway ramp. They were conducting an investigation. An Iowa man has bonded out of the Cook County jail in his proposed to his girlfriend, 32 year old Keegan. Casteel is charged with felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. Police were alerted by a W hotel employee who found a rifle with a laser side on the window sill of Casteels room. It faced Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. City panel will take more time before recommending how Chicago should deal with monuments that some considered controversial W. ABS Mark Levin reports. The Monuments Project Advisory Committee is extending the period of public input by holding in person meetings this summer. That's according to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special events. The monuments project began last fall and has already received comments from thousands of people through virtual meetings and its website. As the panel holds more meetings this summer. It's drafting a report that will include its recommendations and a summary of public opinion. This project was formed after protests last summer over a Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park. It's not the committee's job to say whether some monuments should come down. But it has compiled a list of 41 objects that it says deserve public discussion for reasons such as honoring people with links to slavery. Mark Levine WBZ news The White Sox beat the Twins 61 Cubs beat the Phillies 8 to 3 and the fire beat Orlando City 321. Whether today patchy fog and isolated rain this morning with a high of 73 cooler by the lake low tonight of 62. I'm Mary Dixon WBZ news. Traffic North. Beyond 55 slow to Clarendon Hills Road, there was a crash. Some minor delays on the inbound Bishop Ford and the Ryan is slow from the ballpark to downtown W B. Easy traffic is supported by electoral it Electoral. It offers a hydration formula for energy and is available at seven Elevens. Just ahead on morning edition. Businesses in all industries are scraping for workers and teenagers are getting some of these jobs. We'll hear from a North Carolina business owner and his 19 year old general manager in 15 minutes on W B. Easy support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the estate of Joan B. Crock, whose request serves as an enduring investment in the future of public radio and seeks to help NPR be the model for high quality journalism in the 21st century. And the Annie E. Casey Foundation. This is morning edition from NPR News. I'm Leila Fadel in Culver City, California and I'm Noel King in Washington, D. C. The search for survivors in Surfside, Florida has ended at this 0.54 people are confirmed dead work crews will now start a recovery phase in which they focus on trying to find the remains of people who are believed to be missing more than 80 people. NPR's Brian Man is in Miami Beach this morning. Hi, Brian. Morning. Well, this must have been a very difficult decision. How was it made? Town, officials say they conferred with the first responders and the search crews who are out there on that debris pile, Miami Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said after two weeks of this round the clock effort The search and rescue teams have just done everything possible. They ran into a building they were told, could collapse and they braved fire smoke Torrential rain. In the hopes of finding people alive. At this point,.

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