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Game, I have go the funds go for me. Yaman scored his first goal during the holiday championship tournament this year. His team ended up winning and Yaman left the ice with a gold medal around his neck. Just one year after lacing up for the first time. For the world. I'm Bianca Hillyer. If you've ever looked at a windmill and thought, why don't they just build them bigger, bigger blaze would capture more wind right? There is a new turbine one that towers over previous models, and it's changing the world of renewable energy. That's what we're checking out in our weekly look at climate change solutions. The big fix way have come here to let you know that change is coming. Whether you like it or not. Can we turn this around? We have no adoption. The only option that we have these two sexy way do now. And in the next two years will profoundly affect the next few 1000 years. The world's Anna customer brings us to the coast of Northern Europe to learn about the newest biggest, baddest turbine on the market. Powering over Rotterdam Harbor is the most powerful wind turbines spinning in the world. It's nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower, each blade as long as a football field, so fantastic engineering feat. Steve Wilson, overseas development of the Wind farm that will be used these turbines for the first time. They're built by G and they're called the Halley eight X. I think fresh reaction when we were presented with a lead X was that it was a real step change for the global offshore wind industry. Over the next five years. Wilson's company s s Eve renewable Zwilling installed dozens of these giant turbines in the Dogger bank Wind farm that's off the UK coast in the North Sea, there will be able to produce enough renewable energy for one in six million homes, or roughly 5% of the U. K is energy requirements. The plan is to scale up by 2030 installing enough turbines in the North Sea to power half of the U. K's energy needs G E is a bigger better wind turbines make ambitious goals like that easier to accomplish, says energy policy expert Sarah Hasting. Simon. It's exciting to me just this scale. The sheer scale of these things is sort of amazing. It's almost impossible to imagine.

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