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'cause I always thought Leo Sayer did it, and it would never could remember who did it. And I don't know why good. Remember that? I don't either. But there you go. So around the certainly there's big stories around the world and around our country today. But the the big story with end, the Rick and Bubba show is that the first grandfather should happen sometime today, and that is the real Greg Burgess. He will be the first grandfather, the, but you know, what is so funny about this say anything that happens to Greg is funny. No. Several funny stories around this one he got a bad haircut. Thanks for that. Adds to he he will be in every pitcher that goes this day that will live in history in every family when a new baby comes along. He will be pictured with a bad haircut forever and ever. All right. So I want you to tell me this because I'll have I will head to it. I will head to Atlanta when the show's over. And and so. I want us out. Let me say something about the haircut. Here's what's funny. Probably you. It's not a bad haircut is just way shorter than he normally gets it. When he when he. We're we're heartfelt Greg talking about I first of all he's very very frustrated because he left something that had become back story. But now he's in this emotional stage where he's about big Granddad. But it was so hard for me to get past. Like, I normally if anybody gets a haircut, I never really even mentioned it. But I could it was it was so short. I couldn't let it go. Well, great in the Middle East. In the middle of it. I said, hey, did you get that not build today? And and he goes, this is what he said he goes, my goodness is short, isn't it. And I said, it is I said that look bad, but his short shorter than I've ever seen you have hair. And he said the lady got the talking to we're got and just kept gut. I let me ask you this. Do I do the world famous I run in and do I'll say to him. Hey, you just let me know say me and pop don't want to get him right now. Let me tell you. We'll go get whoever it is. You just tell me where they are. And I said, we're not only stand, and he says, what are you telling us to whoever cut your hair? We'll get. Yeah. If you can get it up get it on him. He hit me. So many things going on. He won't be on your favorite try a different style in the beginning. Because he's going to pick up on what you're talking about. And is a lot going on. Let me know what you if you need me to handle. Yes. Way. He gets confused. What else? I didn't bring that insane. I haven't said anything about this. This is another thing that caught me off guard. He must've just had it done within like two hours three hour, and he hadn't had a chance to like clean up or change shirt. He had hair. All of course. He did. Well, those. Hey, I thought he laid on a dog. I mean in a haircut pencil sharp. Yes. Exactly. What what would you don't know? See we all have these different days of the week that we do different things. And for Greg Thursday is is the day that he gets everything done because he he lives an hour and twenty minutes from here one way on this day. He stays in Birmingham the whole day. So he goes and does all the things like haircuts grocery stores, you probably caught him right after this. That's good. This is I'm on hand with because it'll be yeah. I'll walk in. And just let me know, and I'll handle it. We talking about. And I said look just let me know. And I'll go handle it. And I said just ten when you think appropriate time, you got a lot going on. You got a lot going on you. Let me handle this. Yeah. Say what are you talking about said? I'm only handle whoever cut. You would you would. Just give me the address and we have to credit Jim Marshall first. And that was one of the best ones. You know, a lot of things that I do. Now, come from Jim Marsh? I don't know if I'm proud of that, you shouldn't be you should not be anytime time says watershed, so but the other side of this for me personally. Isn't course, Taylor is a is an outstanding young man. He's got a career in coaching enjoyed his wedding. And seeing him Mary a very beautiful young lady. On this show on this show Taylor for me will forever be a little kid the car. When we found voices about that. When we interviewed him on that from that sound bite right there where he was starting to school. And he was having a little little problem getting started, and Rick and uncle Bubba had to help him get motivated to go to. All right. Gregg called and requested. But you always talk because he was a handle going to school. Because he he said he couldn't believe that anybody has a plan that your mom takes you a place in. My favorite. Y'all. Remember, he told his mom he couldn't go to school because he likes he loved her so dang much and when it happened. He said, I can't believe this is real. And then he said, okay, I'll go, but I'm gonna have to cry. I'll go go. And I know. It's still funny, and that's been part of twenty five years. That's how much gas, and I came back up a little bit before the and other things that were Taylor always played into the show was. Oh, gosh. He was he was afraid of mascots. And I think Rick you made him afraid of mask, and he was terrified. So you would always act like the the the game. Cock the big game cock named cocky who was the mascot at Jacksonville state university. Where we went and where your dad coach was coming over. You'd always look go. Hey, and he would just go to peace look over shoulder. I'd make a face first. And then he breakdown, but what are you doing? I said here comes cocky. I think my favorite was the crisper Salah Christmas was a legend legend, well because we would casually mention that we wanted to go see Christmas lights, which -tainer would perk up. Now, he he's he's in car seat. And Greg didn't wanna go when he would say the, and so then we go now we're not going to see Christmas lights in Greg will get him. All latch, Tennessee, get ready to go. And then Rick. Now, let's all go see Christmas lights, and he would come unglued knocking say his little tiny toddler.

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