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Welcome to the right time. My name is Bomani Jones. Thanks for listening. Where have you get your cash. We appreciate it raiders. This viewer give us five stars. You only give us four stars. I'm inclined to believe you are hater. It is that time a week where we have a guest on and the way I have always described as gentlemen when I talk about rap on twitter and the legs is just WanNa. Do is rap his ass off like a natural born rabbit. His name is Danny Brown was going on a eh a your voice is always so interesting to me right because it goes to these different places that UNLV we're talking about. You said Your Voice like play the trumpet yet. I mean rap wise. I learned how could I do. I got good kind of you know and then stuff so as to give me the Solos and when I used to get the Solos you know it's all like Improv. I didn't really know what I would play and I would. Just you know you you know this jazz it up so when I started rapping I guess subconsciously just riding beats. I I never really tried to go with the normal tempo. Would it was a rhythm. I would try to find like trumpet. Solos be able to weave in and announcing change it up. Keep it interesting for the listener in some sense for you like. When did you really get serious about rap. I never learned how to rap which is weird thing I guess but no people like burn talent type of thing our guests but I guess I pray took it super super serious guest pry after high school but growing up growing up in Detroit Trey it was it was a We never had like outlet kind of like you know if you lived in. La or New York or or even know Houston. You know it's like a scene. Where are you can like or you. Can you even have somebody that you can reach out to like music. Was the catcher buzz like you know if Jay Prince George's right. You know what I'm saying. You can crack it wasn't I didn't have that outlet kind of you know so I had to come to New York. I had to go to. La and ahead so I guess after high school and stuff you know in they were gonNA. Try to be into the street stuff that don't work out. You know it's interesting here. You talk about like they're not being outlet. In Detroit from a distance Detroit seems to have this really full and Kinda robust and diverse sorta hip hop scene right and one that has like more white dude's related you you would think that Ben from like the motown stuff and all that but I think it changed after eminem really. I remember that I can remember before before eminem music. It was no it was not like it was no record label. Nothing era was in like a throbbing rap scene. I mean underground ground hip hop wise to open mics like what slim village and then was doing. You know what I'm saying. It was a scene in that but you know that wasn't really like like I can't say that wasn't million cents because I've grown up in it and you know that was something that super influenced me but I knew I was something kind of different in it because I I liked it white stripes in the Detroit Garage rexine right and I liked it. The liked it. My Dad was a house. Dj so I grew grew up with the technology with modified hundreds of playing while I was so I had a very vast musical knowledge more so than just being ramp Rhino. I know right and it's interesting to me about a tweet like he'll get lantis. Scene has descended those become a little different with Atlanta now is it's a real like come as you are. Be who you are sort of situation where Detroit like I finally citizens got number black people wall to wall like there's nobody telling you what it is that you are and are not supposed to be on the outside looking in there could be like that because I think a lot of our musicians that you know became successful. They were always eclectic in ways you know right but in actual actual city is a scene. That's been going like you know everybody has the street rap scene and nets more popular back like I can walk around and have no. That's why I love living in in Detroit like if I lived in New York probably have a hard time just hanging out with them but when I'm at home no one gives you know what I'm saying their day more into debt like those rappers can't probably go outside and enjoy yourself right and I look at it like man if his one place you wanna be comfortable injury as it should be home. You know so. I'm I'm kind of blessed with that that people back home kind of I don't know maybe I'm older so he kinda got me like a like uncle. Danny I answer. They don't look at me like I'm like dude. You make you make yourself out to be doing the world. I don't think you older than me. I couldn't cut it out. It'd be oh great. I turn thirty eight March. I'll casey s still got you. I got you guys you buy a few months. Put Out Avocado all six years ago and I was like Dan you trying to say no yeah but because I was my I I mean I might not put up with whose goal was called triple-x relax but it was really caught thirty and I 'cause. I didn't get a record deal till I was thirty. You know what I'm saying so I was playing with age a little bit but all the actual the title oath doesn't really mean my age. You know right with that. It was more so talking about going back to old fashioned form of how I do music insuring people where I'm going now at that time right. You know have progressives in at that time I was going with it. I want to go back to you talking about like decide decide. You're going to get serious about this after high school because I know you've done a little time. You came out and you're like look. I got to figure out you know what I'm GonNa. Do this and you ever Ravin. You said that you know you knew you had to go to New York or you knew you had to the GO-TO. La and that seems like a real courageous undertaken at that point in life just to be like okay. I'M GONNA go and make this work. So what was that like for you when you first decided all right. I'm about to go to New York. Oy In figure out how to make stuff that happens for you like I had a at the time I had put like a local you know made a local rep album and and the the people working with they had went to New York and just you know just hanging on New York but they went up to like the devops universal building or whatever and they made it somebody they played in my music and he was like Oh and they let them in the building and they went to Rockefeller play again. Anr's liking in whatever they wanted to meet me so that that right there like little things like that will give you that push right to be like maybe I could do this. You know so the next time they had me come out. You know nothing really flourish out of it. I will say but I learned a lot going through that right because I've had a I had a pipeline in some sense like I could just be like at home in Detroit. Kim like scramble up on three hundred dollars and get a greyhound ticket go to New York and they put me in the studio making mix tape and a weekend so a lot of my Detroit state of mind mix tapes. They were like weekend. Can you know a lot. I would do a lot of writing before I went out to New York and start recording but most of those are like two three mix tapes. You know what I'm saying right like. Did you have a moment on those early. Things like I know early in my career. Would this something that happens. You be like Yo. This thing broke. I'm glad to be famous in like three weeks right. Did you go baggage. Agate is like yeah yeah. I think the coolest thing for me. What made me feel like that. I mean nothing really. Maybe because I'm like I said. I didn't really get a regular thirty so I was already like I was already broken about to whatever I'm doing this but I don't really have the. I don't know if this ever work but I think when I was in jail and I was really cool with this one. CEO and he will come and he was he was he was a rapper too and he was you know when musings of you know we were talking about music but on weekends when he will work he will come. Get me for my floor and let me come down to where where he was at and it'd be like you know because it's kind of like on Saturdays. It's kind of like a lot of stuff is going like you know when you get locked up. They send you to prison. I and if you got like a big case or something you have to stay in a preschool all weekend to you be able to go to court on Monday to be to be able to go to the county. You know what I'm saying so on the weekends not much happening so we bring me down. I would clean up down there and he let me go on the Internet. You know we'll Google and going hip hop sites whatever but at the time my I had a lot I left a lot of music before. I got locked up that I didn't know where and my brothers started putting on Internet. Just you know put it made me a my space page and a blog hip hop havoc it was called hip hop havoc hip hop havoc took one one of my songs and posted on his site and I'm in jail right now sweeping floors mop and I'm like you know so that moment right down here when I get out jelly because that moment was that was the thing that made me be like yeah. I think something there you know what I'm saying. I say I'd never thought about the idea that jail has weekends dance to gear right Saturday because it's still like it's a different rhythm there Monday. Through Saturday Sunday County Jeff eight months Saturday and Sunday is it because you're not getting a regular menu. Now you get road kill which is everything they cook through that week and they're just put it in one pot and mix it all together so you net on Saturday and then be like like tone Amac they might have like a tuna mackerel something on this weekend's terrible rapping in there like for you I kind of that's kind of my way two guys floor which was kind of like you know every fucking jail have like they call them rock boss the right boss like nothing moves out him you can't. I changed the TV like the big guy on the floor the toughest they really from upstate. They really the prison guys right now in the county so they were to like the rod bosses is on my floor. They want it. They were rappers and they were I never I'm not the type of person that walk around and talk about wrapping and I would talk about the actual music as a fan but I would never tell people about an order app you know and they would be my room just hanging out reading books or whatever and they would be in their sale like they room and it would be just wrapping odd day like and I will just let rock you know I wouldn't say anything about it but after months and months and months of it and just kept hearing it was so bad it was so bad and I think one day I just got fed up with it and it was like I'm just so tired of hearing you know what I'm saying so I just I remember my bunk like got my flip flops on Donovan Man Look Man. You got a lot of heart but you could go on in their own direction. Lucia done and I gave them a couple of clips. You know what I'm saying. Show hi you know and after that he rely on their mouth drops just really like they were the guys that ran ho cigarette trade in jail you know after. I showed him how to wrap and wrap opened in April. I'll man you know. They want to hang out with me. Kinda you know so what is interesting because we'd be afraid on the street and we tend to WAG. That stuff is wack. Here's how that oddest criticism would tell me we're way per se but after seeing the talent level that I was at compared to them they they knew today sales. You know what I'm saying. Dan Le they kind of new to this up so so yes. They're not start hanging today. We became friends though like and they had the job where they worked registry which registries where you intake so which is the best job in jail because you're you're being able to. FRATTON is with the new income coming in most of the time people coming in he always stashing stuff. MHM light people come any might have we'd have cigarette mostly is cigarettes though and what the CEO's would do they would just take two cigarettes and throw garbage. We two guys that take the garbage out so so when you take the garbage that you're going through the garbage you take finding packs and packs of cigarettes. You know what I'm saying so we stash so whatever they will sell two cigarettes but once they left they pass the job Donovan..

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