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On him as like the laughed ninety seconds of the first half like all hostages ran away from them and then tom's obviously furious and what you expect is for them to go to locker room and then like michigan state's going to come out in look let michigan state and they just didn't they came out and it was more of the same but for about the first i say eighteen minutes the game it was kinda back and forth whatever like a and then ohio state took off and then it came out in a second i just kept porn in on it was an impressive performance it was and sue credit to ohio state i don't know what they're gonna wind up i mean maybe they just wind up getting into the nit and that's okay by the way um did you know that would be an acceptable season given what they have but this kind of win it does help and in fact the fact they blew that game two butler in portland maybe something end staying in them down the road because who knows where this is going to go but if they just miss if they don't get in it's going to be because they lost that game they should one against the bulldogs who like ohio state have a win over a number one ranked team in the country so credit to them michigan state i don't think we need to get to deep on them right now let's let you know it's a it's a road loss i still think this is a topfive team in the country and they they bound they got rectors at home wednesday michigan at home in indiana at coming up so they've got a goods and then they go on the road illinois like if they lose one of those gp let circle back but i think that we're going to be okay with a spartans overall maybe they're not the number one team in the country right now but i still think this is going to be a once he will make it to march uh real quick i was you can state listen on sunday morning i had him ring.

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