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Crossing over was really matt frazier at nomeat athlete he wrote a really amazing blog post on paleo versus vegan and i just became more interested in what was the preponderance of evidence out there not what was the latest little smet analysis study that everybody was going to what was the actual underlying physiological evidence and increasingly i was seeing that if you really look the diets and look at our food triangle and you start at bottom feeding meat and potatoes burgers and fries are stake and potatoes burger and fries pasta in meat sauce curry in rice you'll see if you look at the food triangle this is all bottom feeding as we go to the lies it would it would it how do you define bought because it at measor that at the ymca so we're here again likely try i got you najanivea veteran we should just at least sort of established that you guys created this food triangle right as a new kind of paradigm our way of thinking about nutrition and how we you know how the best way to approach it rights of maybe just described the food triangle because we can't see it right by they should get a copy owlree ol isn't it a in the sean also put a link up our army belt even like embed the graphic it's also david in and drew an eye on the first paper establish the food triangle to get away from protein cards and fat the idea is those words arts specific enough and we'll talk about this would juliana in the second in our paper but they aren't specific enough.

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