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Sticking up and free floating in terms of the screen. It was okay. It was a little high for my liking. It was too high. Forty t for me to use Kinda comfortably i. I'm used to screen spending a little bit further down but that would take some getting used to but had the two screens so has the screen behind the steering wheel. Which is the driver info. Had everything on that you need to know the spit nice and big speed. Because i did find myself going over thirty accidentally in the in the speed limit sections and then having to off because it's easy to go fast in a navy so that was nice. That and then the gear selector is attached to the screen on the right. And if you've seen the bmw. I three guests like to this. I would say is heavily inspired by that you turn it once for dr once again or click it further for be mode which should be stronger region and then and then often away and then you put it back towards us. Do neutral number of us region. Let me talk about that. Not super powerful. I like really strong region. And i like modulating my right foot. My wife doesn't again. that's very subjective. Thing people in the vehicle. It'll tell you You know with all suddenly you must have this. You must have that strong region blah blah blah blah blah but equally doing seventy on the motorway. And you let off you want a cruise. You want to freewheel. Because then a lot of region is not the most efficient way to get your destination like a really strong region and then just driving with one pedal but it was not strong enough personally for me but it was easy to drive so i just go in and drive. I guess is my first conclusion. Which i'll come back to the end of the podcast. I just got in and drove. So richard left in the car and so once the keys in the car. It's all there's no button on the vw. Id four so there's no. There is an on off button hidden if you want to turn the car on enough but there isn't get in the car you put it into drive and you put away which is the way. It should be an old levi's because you shouldn't have an on off button. It really need it again. At the end of the drive. I go in. I got to the end of the drive. I stopped i pushed the handbrake button which is kind of on the end of the shift and just left and i walked away in the cartoons itself off so my driving impression of is you could get into this from a combustion car and just drive and i think that's the key with the vw. Id full because they'll be people coming from guam's from gulfs from other vw's that finance is coming to an end. The lease is up right. Where do i go. What do i drive next and auditing anybody if they're gonna spend around forty thousand pounds. This car costs now. a should be thinking about combustion. 'cause it doesn't make any sense. A tool to be getting into. The world of diesels. Particular fills is exhausted. Replacements catalytic converters all of that nonsense because this car does every absolutely everything. I think really really well again not gonna win. The draft drag strip won't win the top speed ones. But a did absolutely everything. I could possibly want to really really well now. Didn't have a chance to play with the app. Or have a really good rummage through the car. I did not running on twenty inch wheels. Which is the first ide- spec. The twenty inch. Wheels looked good. Didn't have a chance to play with any of the driver assistant stuff. I did notice on my short drive. That pulled me back into the center of the road. So that must have been turned. I was drifting a bit to the right sent me. I was like oh okay. Didn't know it was very subtle and gentle and worked really really well like i said the screen was was good. It was bright there. I think they could capacitive or capacitive buttons. The run along the bottom of it the same ones that the steering wheel. Now if you've driven a recent vw. Like latest gulf. The steering wheel is just a brilliant piece of design. It's got clicky buttons. It's the evolution of everything that they've learned about usability. It just works the vw. Four doesn't have those house a shiny surface where the buttons are and there are some ridges so you can kind of feel your way but i know that when i'm driving cars that have clicky buttons on the steering wheel own more buttons. I didn't take my eyes off the road. If i'm so setting cruise control over reducing the know cruise control speed temporarily or you know whatever follow distance. I can do that just by touch. Signed goes for turning things up at like up and down volume wise. I can just do it in what there's nothing wrong with the knob and you know an an a physical button sometimes. Even take your eyes off the road for safe. This had some buttons on the whale. The i think they've got right yet. Because it gives you a little bit of feedback when you push it but a lot of swiping if you want to change the volume you can swipe up and down with your finger and the same goes for the heating but really just give me a volume knob because that isn't broken like that piece of design in the world is in broken. It's like light switches. I see a lot of interpretations now. Small lights and smart light switches. And or but you know what you go into a room a light switch it just works. It's a piece of design that doesn't need to be fixed. There's nothing wrong with it. I don't think i could get on with the steering wheel without a bit. I'd need a test a test for the weekend and have apply. Because i didn't like it but they apart from that i did pop in ecoed. I did papa income foot mode. They are some. There's a mode button on the big screen. That's one of those not soft touch buttons. You i mean. And i couldn't feel any difference so i'd like to tell you. Oh yes echo was very strong region and comfort dull. The accelerator in sport was really reactive. I was on roads that were thirty. Forty and sixty miles an hour. I couldn't really tell a big difference like maybe that's why i'm not reviewing house for a living the whole time. The cough l. very much responsive too. I wanted it to do. Everything just walked usb c connections up front and rear as well so loss of usability stuff in there in terms of families charging tablets for the kids and all those kind of things big enough battery like i say seventy seven kilowatt hour pack. Probably all you need. Let's talk to someone who has driven this car in one journey. Six seven hours from scotland to the south coast and what he thinks of as the owner of the car and richard from simon's s dot co dot. uk chat with him to ask about his impressions of the vw. Eighty-four have a listen. So how long would you say your road trip was coming back.

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