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To say. Can I show you this stupid? Sorry can I do something? It's so silly. This is my sorry guys by with Gopher. This is my new. I can't do it without the Internet. I download like no I can hold on. Hold on all right. You guys ready. Welcome to the gays are revolting. And then only thing. I'm breaking up with to get diagnosed with nineteen and a half to send that kid. That's why Douay good good studio with everyone. Dot Com not here. Kyle's off in south Sydney was killed. Show anymore romantic trip with his partner is just yes. I had something really funny happened the week after we got back from Sydney. So it was justice is daughter's birthday and we went to pass and she was like two years old so Josh's Nason just for that but it was her second birthday and I hanging out with the kids and stuff and we got our marketing around and chased him up the stairs and upstairs. We have dramatic kitchen chasing around the chasing Jones. Your boyfriend chasing him around the kitchen table and just being silly and then we went off and watch the movie and lying in bed and very very stoned at this point and all of a sudden we hear Josh's brother and his partner at the front door talking to someone and we thought they'd just ordered overate. Somebody just not getting a guy that they're talking to but then we listened a little bit more and all of a sudden they giving the details and we would just like hanging a second. What's going on. And they run two bedroom and they rip. The door opened the just the police. And what do you mean like we thought someone was reporting US smoking weed and we were just like Oh my God like West. Saw High Right now. What the fuck this. And so then we went to the front door like hello and the male and female cop and the COP goes We had a report of domestic like domestic. Had happened and we were just what and he was. Just there was a male was chasing around a female with long brown hair and I turned around was has been my partner. Joshua he has long Brown hair. And like at this point we started giggling and we would just like what. I was just having him around. That will being silly like. I'm so sorry that you guys had come out. If you don't mind that WHO reported this and they said one of your neighbors saw through the window. We were just window. And so like 'CAUSE BEDROOM. Is that the fence that you can't see into a window. There's one window at the kitchen sink and we had the blinds open and right across from us. You can see right into the next department right and so they must have seen us just being silly and founded in straight away just like all this really lovely that you guys looking out for us but at the same time we just jerking around which is cooked cooked and I thought it was going through likes to that. But how do you? Did you enjoy Sydney concert? Yes it was. That was that was a rowdiest. Yes Oh rowdiest show. I feel like definitely most comfortable show as well. The most ever drank audience. I talked to the bar manager after show did you. Go goes talk to him and he was like you you you tell them homosexuals gone done. Drunk out of your. We Ran Outta road offer. That never gonNA pay like red wine red wine. We drank them out of stock. The House down boot and we saw the little big now. The big parade. I didn't see the big prize. You know had to leave something. Unfortunately we didn't gets the parade guys. We went back to universal one of you guys and then Saturday. We went back to university Saturday. We went there is this is. You've been doing more than smoking weed. Because we went in Melvin talking speaking of festivals this week the Melbourne Queer Film Festival has just started exciting time of year and we have a spirit. Economopoulos the program director of the festival joining us for a chat about Queer Film and Elise hiding things happening in this festival program. It's sexy it's informative. It's it's a little coach. It's a good one. It's a little talking a little bit about Sherry Pie. So that's and that's been happening there and for all about patrons out there now after show we will be talking about avoiding an ex and your unfortunate encounters to avoid it. We had a little bit of a wit pinch with apple ipod pages with some some really poorly grammatically poll reviews from some homophobes Send US height like Google how to spell the word capital at the start of the sense food. Stop at the end of it. I'm happy to sentence would be great. Yeah some of them are just as fine because he watched your main but Thank you to all the new listeners. And the new reviews. 'cause we got a flood through my ego needed that boost monster for the past week. Everyone if you want to jump in and give us an extra nicer view. Jealousy Apple PODCASTS podcasts. From a five star thinks. So do it. While you gotta chance before Apple Takes Away Your Voice. Down with capital capitalism your. Let's go to I go. I got my white underwear on..

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