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Traffic. We'll have a bit of a tight squeeze over in Spring Lake on the sampan Sound of 35 Ocean Road Down to Sea Girt Avenue. You've got some construction going on. Traffic is being directed through the area. For the time being. This report responsible. I lows. Pros Lows offers commercial cleaning supplies from top brands like Laura, Exempt and Rubbermaid, help you stay clean and safe Shop close for pros don common shoes, delivery or pick up in store lows. A new home for proves us only business. 33 of got continuing construction work Broad Street down the route 79 South Street that should be wrapping up within the next hour. Traffic on the parkway slows down briefly south near the Driscoll Bridge, but a stalls been moved out of the way. 18 South and the East Brunswick still a bit on the crowded side. Had across the Hudson. We're not doing badly. Tom River's New Jersey traffic North Jill Myron, New Jersey traffic self. It's backed up big time in the Trenton area, and this is South bound Route one approaching the Trenton Mars Hill Bridge. It looks like there's about three minor accidents now and the same stretch south bound on Route one from Market Street to the Trenton Norrisville Bridge, and it's going to be Much better scene for you. If you could take the calendar street Bridge with the Trenton makes or even the Scudder falls instead, and traffic is still little bothersome right now at 1 30 in the Dell ran area and Cinnamon said, We have a minor accident at 1 30 being worked on. 38 a little slow as you come off of the area where emerges in with Browning Road and in towards the circle, the airport circle just a lot of volume going in towards the 38 merge with 1 30. Also to 95 South bound is slow. Approaching Exit. 26, New Jersey fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next, reported 4 33 on New Jersey. When a 1.5 Hey, check out NJ pet supply dot com. I use them myself. These guys were great. It's a local New Jersey family owned business, and.

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