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Whether he plans to run for president. But as komo's Charlie Harger explains, he is weighing in on a new proposal for presidential candidates. If you want to appear on a Washington ballot for president might want to bring your tax returns with you. Reporters asked Inslee about measures in the house and Senate requiring presidential candidates tax returns to be released to the public. I don't know whether there's any constitutional prohibitions in that requirement. If there is not, and I would be fully supportive of that law so Arpey down in favor of the policy. Just gotta make sure there's not any inhibitions us being able to do it. Peasley says he's not ready to say when he'll announce whether he plans to run for the White House decision. I would characterize it is relatively Charlie Harger. Komo news foster kids who run away from their temporary homes often end up cuffed and in detention their only crime being that they ran away. Now. Komo's Corwin Haeck reports. A proposed state law seeks a more humane solution child advocates largely agree kids should not be running away from their foster families. But when it happens advocates say the state needs a better option than the current one which often involves arresting the runaways and throwing them in juvenile detention. The problem advocates say is Washington. Regards running away from foster care as a crime my goal with this spell is to end the incarceration of us to have committed a status. Offense state Senator Jeannie darn yell. Tacoma democrat says status offenses include violating curfew skipping school and running away. None of which she says rate incarceration in this experience. We find you that are shackled strip search they're traumatized there. I selected. Under the proposed new law incarceration for foster kid, runaways and other status offenders would be phased out this year. Corwin hake. Komo news. Marysville man has survived being attacked with a sword. Because it missed a vital organ by just a hair. Aaron lemon tells police that his fiancee stabbed him with a twenty four inch sword and then watched as he passed out. She called nine one one about an hour later. The woman who's been diagnosed with mental illness and struggled with drug addiction is in jail. Now doctors had to remove part of his lung but had the stabbing been just millimeters to the right would've sliced his heart in half. And the US postal service truck is one of two vehicles involved in a fatal wrong way crash on highway five twenty in Redmond state trooper Rick Johnson says it happened around four o'clock.

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