283: Family in Pop Culture


If I'm looking for a cousin. I'm looking for free game of thrones hear me out. Waiver town. I get it. You're like what he's a murder. I know right. He humiliates, his wives. I get it. You're right. But guys I wanna have a front row seat for all those crazy parties like, and this is the way to do it. I know you can't trust a blonde, man. We all know that. Okay. We all know that listen you get to come to the parties. He probably won't kill you. I mean, the odds are in your favor, and we all know that if I get sent to a land like west rose, I'm going to be a servant like I'm in some sort of like I'm having to like rally, the pigs whatever you do with paying like there's no way. I do. It's time. That's right. There's no way there's no way to be my the Qian's cousin. So that's why I remember that Assode of game of thrones. Where they rallied the pigs. I was like, wow. This is a good episode. Does it does it bother you that he's DT down to torture? The you. That's what that means about it. I think you saying bothered me more than the being. I don't know. That was also Jeffrey brought was incest refs a drink. Right. Drink on his history. It's complicated. My last one is captain hook, obviously, obviously, so captain hook. I think he's someone who very much wanted to be a parent. And if you remember hook the movie, he spends most of movie wanting to be apparent to Peter's children, right? And I think what you think about Huckabee an awesome parent because he has dope wakes an awesome boat. People who listen to everything he says, and he's got a feud with a gator or crocodile, sorry, like, that's awesome. I love that. And I love I think I think it's easy to think like you wanna hang out Peter Pan. Right. But you look at the original techs, Peter Pan, Peter Pan, right? Let's. Theory, like his note, let's do an X Jesus on Peter Pan. It's kline. Peter Pan would kidnap children. Okay. And he'd hang out with them. So we would true loss, boys. That's what their names, and then he'd hang out with them until puberty. And then what would he do? He would murder them

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