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A practicing black magician who had a cottage father vansh took. You're trying to get to the end of the took it. sorry buddy. so he's practicing black magician. Who had a cottage on the land. Prior to the construction of the amityville house native americans also had an enclosure on the land. That was used to house the sick and mad. Those who were in this enclosure were just left to die. The warren's believed that these energies directly impacted the lives of both families the lutzes would eventually give warns the warren's some of their possessions in the deed to the property selling the rest of their belongings and moving to california no further activity has been reported by recent residents of the amityville house which sold for nine hundred fifty thousand dollars in two thousand and ten which by the way is low for the area. So yeah they're actually like lake. So i would imagine not. Only let's hit is a big house. So it's very big house but houses nearby or like couple million If you look at them so so that was kind of the kind of cliffnote version of amityville. We do probably three episodes on medieval to be honest with you. Yeah you're a what do you guys think. What do you guys think about this The story of amityville. I think for me Amityville is one of those stories. Where i've been aware of it so long in my life that it almost doesn't feel like it ever really happened to me like it was always a movie or it was always story. And then you know in in more recent years. When i've you know when my kind of interest in the warren's and everything else was kind of rekindled by by the conjuring series you. I started to look into like the stuff they've done and like the different haunting they've looked at and this one like the evidence that came out of this one in the things that happened are extremely compelling and when you also think about Like a lot of people claimed that the lutzes made it all up and that they were trying to seek fame. They didn't get much fame and they didn't get much money for what they were involved with. And it actually. Negatively affected their family to a point where the sun is in a i. Forget the name of the movie now. But there's a like a movie where he's interviewed about the experience and And he basically says like yeah it all happened and it really affected our lives. Our lives were effectively. Ruined in so many ways by that experience. Yeah i mean they picked up and moved to the other side of the country so and they had no money as it was like the money spent on this house like what they say in the movie where like it was kind of like their last little bit of money like that was true like they didn't have much money to to move away from this house. They had just committed to pain for so it's not like it's it's not like they're type of its type of story where you're like..

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