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And Baltimore's combined bid for the 2026 World Cup would be a winner In the end Chris was surprised there weren't more eastern cities selected I thought they would have more teams over here I would definitely thought Washington would you see what would be a contender Some of the other sounds that were listed I wouldn't think wouldn't be Others were disappointed that D.C. wasn't going to get the chance in 2026 to fight on soccer's world stage and show all that it has to offer visitors to the nation's capital And of course there was a little trash talk for some of the chosen cities As Billy really a good city Sarah Jacobs news This is Dave Johnson And a World Cup without D.C. officially involved unbelievable but understandable FIFA soccer's world governing body had seen the images of FedEx field the pipes breaking railings falling and did not see a plan for making FedEx better by 2026 Voldemort tried to help M&T Bank stadium World Cup ready But D.C. really not ready with the team that runs FedEx field stuck in a cul de sac of chaos and controversy You can see the full list of cities that will host the 2026 tournament at WTO P dot com A letter from members of Congress in our region has gone to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that group requesting that he released the results of an investigation into the Washington commander's workplace culture The 6 House Democrats say the toxic work environment within the organization primarily affected their constituents and they deserve transparency on that probe Now the results of that investigation led to a fine of $10 million for what the league called a highly unprofessional environment the NFL's commission will be testifying next week before the House oversight and reform committee Still ahead we'll take a closer look at what rising mortgage rates mean for home buyers and sellers It's 8 36 An orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain painless This is the biggest frustration that patients have This is doctor Pamela Mehta talking about aches with unexpected origins.

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