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Football Coming at 8 30 Mike Dice NBC Sports. Huge fight tonight UFC 2 51 in the paper view in Ah, considering I haven't seen the other 2 50 Probably not. It's a UFC 2 51 would be a great timeto. Make your maiden voyage intended. No offence. Nothing too. It's just one of these things. I have not gotten into Curtis. You like you like the UFC Like a little like a little whore, Inez, but a little bit. Yeah, but I don't see only time I actually paid for. Ah, Pay per view was the McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight. Okay, That was really the only time I actually contributed to a pay per view. Yes. That was really into boxing in the haze. You know, when you had that, you know the middleweights were We're better than some of the heavyweight fights we had was Sugar Ray Leonard and the Marvel Smarter Hagler. And you have the No moss. Roberto Duran. I mean, he had a bunch of time with Hitman Hearns. I mean, those were some Some awesome fight, So he said, I used to pay for those. No, that is a great memory. Everything you just named Sugar Ray was certainly was awesome. It was him and haggler. Those those fights were ridiculously entertaining. Marvin Hagler was scary, man. He packed a punch to It's like Rocky. Three Clubber lang. Yeah, but see, I mean, that that was, you know, that was really the extent of it. And then when things kind of got a little bit Little more commercialized with that, And there was there was a lot of controversy. There was things of my Titan kind of kind of ruined it for me a little bit. I just didn't really follow after that, and I never really did get into any of the other Was the mice martial arts the UFC? What was the Mike Tyson thing that was making its way around Twitter this week? Who would win in a fight Mike Tyson or somebody? Do you see that? I didn't try to hold on a second. It was really fantastic. By the way, you Ah, you were going to say something about James feeding on the way out there said that, you know, he's got a really good, Paul some what goes on over there. He's one of these guys that really ask the right questions of a lot of these A lot of the folks that we get to talk to, and he's very well plugged in to what's going on. They're so mean. You know, when you asked the question about Ricky, I really think that you know he's right. I mean, this is kind of a situation where I think even this is a city of 162 games, it would have to make it or break it kind of year because of just the way That things are starting to come together now with the fact that they've added some veteran talent there trying to see what's gonna happen with a guy like Louise Robert. You know, it's kind of an unknown right now. Just because you know you still have Ah key piece missing 1/3 base. And you're Moncada. I mean, it's it's not like he's an afterthought. I mean, if the guy's your top of your lineup Who who hit the ball out of the ballpark get a rapid pace last year, so it's kind of unfair. For the record. It was LeBron James versus Mike Tyson, who would win Mike Tyson. Every day and three times on Sunday. Yeah, that's a crazy one. But LeBron is 68 and doesn't matter. You know, I don't think that would matter A lot. I look, I'm not trying to force the Ricky thing goes. I know you're trying to stir anything up. It's a lot of people are wondering just because it's out there it is out there. And I don't believe that it would be a fair representation for really for any manager in Major league baseball this year, because You got guys opting out. You've got guys that are still recovering from injury. And if you lose the guy on the on the injured list for 10 games, I mean hello. That's like a 60 year season already gone. What do you do it? I mean, there's nothing you can do about it because it's It's a two month sprint. Yeah. And That's a huge part, by the way of being a good manager is being able to pull your team out of a nose dive. I mean, if you look a TTE last year, the nationals they started out 19 and 31. David Martinez Was on the news on the brink. Yeah, right. There really Are this guy's terrible, easy. Another terrible, higher, working, underachieving nationals, and they go and they win the world. Siri's Ah, and things back like from a cub stand point like I thought that the best job that Joe Maddon ever did was the 2015 season championships here. Yeah, I mean, they were. They were a 500 club in August, and then he he bends Starlin Castro. He put Addison Russell. It's short. Stephanie brought Starling back and put him at second base. He lit up Dexter Fowler and told him he doesn't. If you don't start playing better, you're going up the bench. He turns it on. And then they go on an incredible run the last two months get in the playoffs, beat the Cardinals and lost the Mets in the NLCS, basically setting up what happened in 2016 but that all happened at the back end of the season. Now be it be amazing if you did it in 60 games like if Ricky gets these guys off to a great start, or was a part of it. Who knows if it'll look fan. It'll look fantastic, but it's also It's a small sample size this right, you know, but again, there is something to play for, because if they are crowning a champion at the end of the year All these teams going play hard. They're going to get ready that they're gonna try to go forward here. You know, it was interesting. Someone was asking me the other day about what oddity. Do you think we're going to see This year. It's going to be difficult to try to figure out too, because I think starting pitchers will end up throwing up. Maybe 11 games is that it's not about right, maybe 10 11 games at 11 12 year starts, so we're going to be celebrating. Maybe an eight game winner. You know, a nine game winner. Maybe that's going to be crazy. My thought on this and then see if you agree with me or not, but I think we might see somebody hit 400 Good. Entirely possible. If they give you if you take out 60 aim stretches, talking about maybe 253 100 bats that are gone from a normal year where you you could get a hit, but you could also strike out. And and not put the ball in play..

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