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You want to really study what that person has done. What they have said what they are in the middle of right now where there where there is controversy or debate or conflict around them or tension. So you know, what to engage or what to avoid you want to be very thoughtful about exactly what you're listening for. Are. You listening for news detail data stories people is there a particular objective that you've got so you prepare in that way. And then ultimately, I'll write out all kinds of notes, and I'll I'll do an outline and I'll anticipate their responses and will create what I call clusters of questions. So let's say I'm going to ask about. The budget down. I'm gonna interviews the budget boss, and I wanna talk about where the company is going to be spending money next quarter. But specifically I want to talk about where we're investing and specifically in the investing. I wanna talk about where we're investing in California because that's been our growth market. So I will I might start broad on investing come down to California come down to what we're trying to accomplish come down to what the competition is. But really create a a the Matic flow for the questioning. And that's certainly what I do in those kinds of preparations when I'm going in for someone like that. And then you have to throw it all out walk around the block because once you get in and have the conversation we're going to completely undetermined direction. So you need to be kind of knowledgeable about what you're going to do and not tied to a note or a script 'cause life doesn't work notes. Scripts right. Yeah. We'll be able to look down and refer to them you need to be able to listen and go in different direction. Now, your book is a very different type of book it meaning that it's not. Like a business book directly, nor is it. You know, kind of what I call bubblegum books. Like, Malcolm, cloud while stuff. We're it's pure entertainment. It's kind of instruction yet, storytelling very easy to read how how should people leverage it? I hope people will ever just in their lives. I hope questions are like air. We don't even think about them think about when you've gotten together with a great friend, and at the end, and then you, and you part, and you realize your friend said to you has it gone, and that's kind of where it stopped. But since you last saw your friend twenty-seven incredible things in your life have happened. Good bad. And otherwise think you're with a partner, a wife, spouse, whatever and what happens when you post something as a question rather than just as a statement. And you make a deliberate attempt to draw that person out. I hope that people will take from this book that whether they are trying to solve a problem connect with another human. Being understand that human being better set really creative crazy goals for themselves. Look over the horizon or assess the meaning of their lives each of these things we can do better they can do better and more successfully by coming up with five great questions going into a conversation or a meeting or a party. I've trapped around entertaining questions. You can be the best party host. If you throw some crazy fun funny question on the table, and you get everybody engaging rather than people going off in their own little pockets and just talking to themselves. So I got one really hard question for you. How do you get all these interviews for your book? I beg I beg. Now. Whatever it takes. I mean, I'm sure your network is vast and deep, but I'm sure a lot of them are also reasonably cold. Jose Ramos from the Univision Univision anchor. I just called him out of the blue Colin Powell, I've covered for many years..

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