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Jordan Morris boy detective now, Jordan. Yeah. You recently switched from coughing to green tea. Yeah. Yeah. It's very very perceptive of you now. I know that the primary back of the green tea as you described it last week on the program. Was that it made you more smug? Oh, sure. You now seem so much more relaxed. Well. Just to catch you up. I I've switched again. Oh, really? It's not green tea that. I'm drinking. It's herbal tea. Oh, and with that switch comes a whole new me. Really? Yeah. Some sort of more like. Yogurt commercial you. Well, clear sitting crosslegged front of a white background. I think I know I think I can sum it up in one interaction just a doom. Do me a favor. Tell me some tell me some like mildly. Good news, nothing like earth shattering. But just like, you know, you've found a great parking space, or, you know, something like that shirt, and k Jordan the most wonderful halibut yesterday who could on a backtrack a little bit. No food. No food. Yeah. So just got to be something kind of logistical. You gotta go. I got a great deal on paper towels or something like that. Folks could great. Okay. Go ahead. And but no food stuff. Yeah. Okay. Jordan. My son got a great part in the school play. Yummy. Yummy. Ooh. Oh. Do you want a long hug you went along hug with a sharp inhale before? This is my new vibe. This is the new me. I don't date anymore. I take lovers taking a lover. Auditions are open for spring lovers. Ooh. Sign ups at my PO box. Yummy, jordan. I do like this. I it's you want to do this for the whole show. I can't help. But notice that you've got both of your hands on that oversized mug. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's a big part of my new vibe is how I drink the tea. Do you want to just go ahead and describe it for people? Yeah. Well, you've got both hands. You got your hands interlaced on your oversized mug. You're breathing. You're inhaling more than drinking. You're just enjoying sort of the warmth of the Cup. Yummy. Keep this up. I think we've come to the end. Yeah. Well, do sir. Brian. Data gould. Thanks. Dana. Follow him on Twitter. Our guests on this week's program is the host of the Dana Gould our podcast. He is legendary stand up comic and comedy writer. He's making the checkoff motion. He's got a salt and pepper beard, Jordan. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna tell you a lie. He looks very hand. Fucking except. Except for very handsome pepper beard. He looks like a very worldly. And interesting man, the the mighty illusion. My dad always said, let's more salt less pepper. You're less likely to sneeze and he died the following week. Wow. The next week the beard gives me the illusion of Jolla line. But I was admiring..

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