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That same year. I did participate in a dance contest in San Antonio in which dark and my face as part of a Michael Jackson costume. I look back now and regret that I did not understand the harmful legacy of an action. Like that. Because my memory of that episode is so vivid. Did I truly do not believe I'm in the picture in my yearbook? Well, well, well, yes, friends. It seems like the Democrats are the true racists in America. Oh, no, not President Trump. I don't remember him in black face. I don't remember President Trump standing next to KKK member, or at least someone pretending to be a klu Klux Klan member in a yearbook. No, it's the Democratic Party. You see governor Ralph Northam just hoped and prayed to God that this pitcher would never resurface. Now. He's saying it's not him. He's saying that. No. I don't recall that. I do remember participating in a dance and I had makeup on. He's careful with his words. He's got great handlers. I had makeup on to be Michael Jackson at a dance contest. But I just don't remember or do I believe that it's me and that picture? Now. Okay, in all fairness, friends, maybe not all Democrats are racist. But let's be intellectually honest, the Democratic Party or the party of well, the KKK they're the party of black lives matter. They're the party of Antigua. They're the party that has more of a negative racist background than any member past or present in the Republican party. Isn't it something though that Ralph Northam accused his accuser or excuse me, accused his? His competitive his his opponent in governor's race Gillespie Albena racist. But it seems like he's probably the one who is or really is. He and I'm going to address this in just a few minutes. Now, the media irregardless is covering for Ralph Northam why because he's a democrat. And that's what the media does even Ted Cruz is upset blasting the mainstream media regarding the coverage of Northam sane and asking. And I think Ted already knows this. But he asks it, anyways, why does the media relentlessly shield for the dams because the media are puppets of a new world order, global agenda and the Democrats give them their marching orders. You see friends even though there's many in the Republican party that are part of the new world order. It is more in line with democratic thinking of a one world government a one world order. One world religion a one world currency. That's really who the Democratic Party is evident obviously now with Alexandra casino. Of course, he has talked about her a lot of the second hour, but the party has gone so far to the left. The party is way to the left. In fact, that's why there's so much infighting within the Democratic Party over a Howard Schultz probably throwing his hat into the ring as an independent, the Democrats just can't define themselves. They don't know if they need to be so leftists. So so socialist or do they need to come back to being more of a centrist party that they used to be many, many, many, many, many, many many many, many moons ago. But Hillary Clinton is standing up. Hillary Clinton is making her voice heard regarding wealth, nor the main she's basically echoing the sentiments of Kamala Harris who's a hypocrite. And we'll talk about that in a minute. Echoing the sentiments of many Republicans calling for north to resign. Hillary Clinton has made it very clear, and she sent a tweet out that said this is gone on too long. There is nothing to debate. He must resign. Now before you stand up and give Hillary Clinton a standing ovation for what she said, remember, Hillary Clinton is only saying this because she wants to earn brownie points because she's going to run again in two thousand twenty come on friends wake up smell the coffee. Let's be adults here Hillary Clinton will run again. And that's the only only reason she tweeted that I mean come on. She was a huge fan of robbery KKK bird. Here's what's funny. And here's what I want to challenge you a little bit. Why didn't anybody in the media? Why didn't any of the Democrats? Why didn't any of the Republicans at the time when Robert Byrd was a Senator call for his resignation. When in fact, hear me he was a member of the K K K many moons ago in his youth. Now, he later in life apologized for his behaviors and his ideology when he was younger. He said he no longer had those belief systems regarding blacks, but did he really? I mean, again, he was real member. Now, I'm not defending governor route north them at all. I think he's an idiot. And I think he loves do. You have babies murdered. Oh, you didn't hear about the Virginia. Bill trying to mimic New York about abortions on demand at nine months. So I look at him as an accomplice to murder. Forget the black face. None of the honest with you. I really don't care. I'm just going to tell you. Yeah. Some people are gonna get offended. I really don't care because I've spoken with friends that are black and many of them said we don't care who gives a crap. I mean, we're gonna talk a lot about that in the bottom of the hour about what black face is. But I guess we're trying to go is should Ralph Northam as much of a puke that I think he is should he really be forced to resign. Over a picture that happened many moons ago. He's saying it's not him. If it was him. Should he be forced to resign because Robert KKK bird who was a member of the KKK was a Senator died. A Senator was never asked to resign. And this was a member. I mean, hell the guy may have actually been part of lynchings who knows? I mean seriously. Let me grownups here. This is a real talk show. Let's be grownups. Let's not play a game. Let's not regurgitate niceties. Let's really have a discussion a real discussion because I'm sure that you wait all week to have this discussion with me because God knows you really don't get the discussion with others because they're on the cons. They all regurgitate the same crap day in and day out three hours a day every single one of them regurgitate the same stuff over and over. So I'm asking you. Even though he's a democrat. He's a loser. He is okay. With the murder of babies in the ninth month. Should he be forced to resign over a picture that was taken in nineteen Eighty-four? He was never a member of the KKK not to my knowledge about yours. He's saying that's not him. Are we supposed to give him the benefit of the doubt we say that for Trump? I mean, we basically said let's give President Trump the benefit of the doubt when they called him, homophobia and xenophobia, and he's a hater of Mexicans. Everybody said, let's give him the benefit of the Dow. So should we give governor Ralph Northam the benefit of the doubt? Should we allow him to stay in office because he's saying that's not him? And if it's proven that it's him. Does that really warrant a resignation? Does that really say he's a racist? Even though the Democratic Party is full of racism. Oh, they're the real racists. We know that. But I'm trying to make a point because when you have a Hilary Clinton and Kamala Harris appalled over this. I mean, absolutely appalled over this. But no one was appalled over Robert KKK bird. I'm wondering if this is just theatrics to make the black community thinks that they care to make the black community think that they're appalled. That using black face is they slap in their face. And I'm not necessarily. Sure, friends it is. But I'm going to open up the phone lines. And I'm gonna let you weigh in on the conversation. One eight seven seven forty nine Steve one eight seven seven four nine seven eighty three eighty three do me a favor. Turn the TV off stop watching the patriots. And the Rams because if you are then you probably really aren't a true fan of the show because last time I checked the NFL stood for something. I thought we were against I thought we were against what they stood for. Do I have to remind you about capper Nick to a hat to remind you that the NFL would not punish any of their players for taking a knee during the national anthem. So if you think it's more important to watch Tom Brady, get another Super Bowl ring. Then it's best that you probably don't listen to my show anymore. Because we don't really give a crap about that. Here. We care about is your gun rights. Well, we care about is your religious rights. Well, we care about is your first amendment rights. Well, we care about is, rapists and murderers and drug dealers coming across the border creating havoc in our country. That's what we really care about. We really don't give two craps about the Rams or the patriots. And I really don't give a crap if Tom Brady wears a make America great again hat or not I really don't care because the NFL as a whole has made it very clear, they hate.

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