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There are in southern illinois and this saint louis proper so i'm looking forward to connecting with john scully and scott decker help me get his number speaking of scott packer i got a chance to watch the turf spread from kentucky doubts certainly yes early happy for robbery and the rough el the rough el and robbie over on out successful native winning that terse brett but you know over the years i've been a big fan of hokey and wow for approach white he was just under seven hundred thousand going in i was looking for is fifteen away at and the certainly over the years of had fun conversations with what scott about this just garrett says really called awfully wild gelled like i've always like ok and it's funny that was his first time it was his first race at kentucky downs the which is a little little surprising and he's only he's always these one five races on turf but a way scott becker one of give scott at a thank you could see help me yet.

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