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I understand this Brown begins recording as the officer gets out of his vehicle and approaches her He's Respect my space. It's covid Brown says. The unmasked officer got closer and was aggressive from the start. Video taken by bystanders shows the officer following her on the beach as she says she was headed for an exit. But then she stops turns around and things escalated. When you see me stop and turn around is because this man Oh, Big man taller than me. Larger than me is literally five ft. Away from me. I feel him. On me. Why did you take your phone out? Oh, I was looking to see who I can call for help at that point, even if somebody didn't answer at least leave a voicemail Say hello. Hi. This is where I am. This is what's happening. If you call me in the morning and you don't reach me. I'm in jail or worse, video shows the officer grabbed for her phone and things get physical. Her phone is not to the ground. As the altercation goes on. The officer eventually gets ahold of her before the two finally separate, and then Brown walks away. She says there were other people on the beach that night, but believes she was targeted. Why did this happen? My honest answer. Black women walking and walking after hours. I guess I looked suspicious. Chicago authorities are now investigating. I saw the video. I was quite disturbed by what I saw. The case has been handed over to Copa, the civilian Office of Police Accountability, a civilian led oversight agency within the Chicago Police Department. In a statement, Copa interim chief Andrea Kirsten says We have a responsibility to investigate allegations of police misconduct and determine if they are well founded, adding If violations did occur. Copa will hold the officer accountable. That officer has been placed on desk duty. But Brown's attorney, Keen and J, Salter says that's not enough. This officer should never be placed in a position of trust. In the city of Chicago again. This experience the trauma is something that I never want to happen to anybody else. Brown says. She's grateful she was able to, in her words, survived the encounter and not become the next hashtag. I hope it's not going to be, uh, say her name type of situation because I'm another person. Um, that was, you know, shot and killed by a cop. And that, you know, it's going to be written off as I'm this. I'm this bad person that resisted arrest. The park was closed. She didn't realize it. That's one thing also, she got to go home that night. It's a lot of people Look at that, she says. She's getting response. Like, Hey, everything's fine. Just let it go and the end of it, But she says it's important to speak out because you can't just wait until there's a tragedy at the end. You can't just wait until there's a death before you point out the incident itself, and that's why she wanted finally speak up. That's a B C S T. J. Holmes reporting Sport 28 KOMO news and your propel insurance money. UPDATES from Frank Miller and S and P fell for the fourth straight day, off around a half percent. The NASDAQ off by a quarter of 1% stocks were higher earlier in the day after the Labor Department released a report showing a bigger than expected drop in first time claims for unemployment benefits. Last week. Initial jobless claims fell 35,000 to 310,000. Traders also continue to ponder the direction of monetary policy following the release of the Fed's beige book report. Wednesday. The Fed said that economic growth slowed to a moderate pace in early July through August due to the delta vary it along with international travel restrictions. Crude oil futures dropped around 2% today amid reports that China is planning to release some oil from its national reserves about 77% of U. S. Crude production in the Gulf remains offline due to damage from Hurricane Ida. That's your money now. Catch money news on camo at 20 and 50 past every hour. Hang on. We're going to check. See if there's any rain in the forecast coming up and the latest on traffic. Next information is power. Everything you need to know. Before you get to work. The coma Morning News with Greg her short and Man of Factor on Co Mo News, 1000 FM, 97.

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