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On one point five am 1410 patriots openmouth friday you're on the mcculloch show on well a a variety of subjects because that's what open line friday is all about harbor we haven't had too many of the jumbotron bites i when i saw that on breitbart news i thought boy this is a great idea are going to get gazillions of people were gonna wanna see they're they're a little statement up on the jumbotron but from the standpoint of what i'm seeing coming across our text message system here from what i'm seeing come across and the negative nature of what they are saying i can see why maybe they're rethinking the idea maybe they jumped a little too soon because there's a lot of people who are saying you know things like well you know people walk on their knees first don't they and learn how to crawl first and that's what these guys are showing interesting fire the neil irs all mexicans are thieves and rapists and then it goes on to a little little proof statement afterwards baid basing on though you know the cbc the correct congressional black caucus it what they're saying about donald trump and the fact that he his legitimizing bigotry still no bites on that still nobody wants to call and defend that that's because it's indefensible absolutely indefensible it's a stupid thing to say impeach him for legitimizing bigotry it's stupid on two points probably more than that one point is uh bigotry is not a crime an number two donald trump is not a big now if you can show anything wrong with what i've said you know i'd be more than happy to talk to you.

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