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On the news late edition Jennifer Wayne and me always story well speaker Nancy Pelosi announced this morning about six now I'd died the house of representatives would begin drafting impeachment articles what a shocker that one is right and pushing ahead with a war rapid timetable it looks like the vote may happen before Christmas the Senate you might wait or or the vote to censure said articles of impeachment to accept the articles and been PMI send it over and it's automatic you except it's automatically sent only in the Senate is not going to start it up before new years and then we go into election year out with an impeachment trial that is correct now I Mitch McConnell who's gonna run the trial wants to do it as quickly as possible get it out of the way you're not going to see a prolonged trial we're talking a couple weeks probably and that's it I can't wait to see what rules I he's going to set up I know he's probably got he's of course going to all lawyers he's probably in limit the number of witnesses hi he is there may be may be allow senators to question our various witnesses maybe maybe not I don't know we'll try do you think the president will attend any of that's new can McConnell do a thing where first he goes we don't know who we would be speaking on behalf of here but he does everybody we're just going to stipulate to the fax yep we're not going to call witnesses to go over again the phone call in the meetings we stipulate to this set of facts we even let the the Democrats right up a factual basis we stipulate we take a couple of days to let people come in and basically say is this bad enough or not and then we have a vote he could even literally put up just a three page summary send a day every senator saying we this tonight we're gonna vote tomorrow he could do that maybe he decides what a trial is there are no rules that are established at all no obviously can't do that because there has to be some semblance of fairness but I tell you it didn't stop the Democrats from being as one sided as you can possibly get during the hearings here now you the semblance of fairness doesn't exist now he is going to be I'll tell you he is going to have more pressure on him to have a sense of fairness because we're talking about the removal of a president that's a much bigger deal so that one cannot be railroaded throw it can be done quickly but the perception cannot be railroaded through but the rail is it is it is it is there an equal need for perception of fairness in removing a president right you wouldn't want a president removed **** nilly what about the other approach I eat McConnell fast tracking a denial a denial of the removal this is that we need for public prior said a denial of the removal I had a quick a quick in other words can he rail road through an acquittal of the presidency career without a lot of backlash he can't well no not without a lot of bad equal backlash if an acquittal is railroaded through then there would be if a removal of the president was raven an acquittal because the trial is about removal the trial is a by the way there's no issue about the removal of course but Sir do are another story or two is we run through this all rights as though with the game of jeopardy the answer is of course I would consider Kamilla Harris as the P..

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