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Movie is good, though very heard that odds was telling me about this. Good this is so yeah. So I. The trying to go back to messing with the. The, the you know the Justice League characters they have and I don't I. Don't think that that's a smart thing. No I mean. I even read Justice League movie. It's funny. I was thinking of also including this story today, because we just had so much, but like Zach Snyder recently talked about justly again, and he's saying well. It's my just simply is not really connected to what he's doing. Now it's more of my snyder verse, and all these different films are going in different directions, so you're going to establish like a whole `nother. I. Listen I. Don't mean constantly should on the DC films like I really enjoyed vertebrae. I liked wonder woman. The lushes am. Joker was great, but I think you establish you. The flash is first before you start playing around such a big playground, okay? I think this might be a mistake. Mark chance will mark. mischance he says here Microsoft's plans for the next generation I think Microsoft is doing the smart thing trying to build an ecosystem with their games rather than win a brick selling contest with Sony Nintendo. Awesome. In the long run. This is the best way to win back. Microsoft loss for the from the last generation. Who like me switch to? Instead of getting a console, not definitely right about that. That game pass is going. Be Incredible if they work at. A bills goodwill this customers in dips into the norms pie that is the PC gaming market, and that is from longtime viewer. It says Mark Shansi, but is says. Hello Katie Oh kitty. No Great Very supportive. Yeah, thank you for the. For the email agree. We've been talking about the whole show. Exactly. It's a smart strategy and shot that I mean at ten was always going to do their own thing Nintendo they're gonna be fine, but like Sony hasn't really been looking at what xbox has been doing, and it could be is happens every generation. You get the top dog the previous generation they get arrogant, and they don't pay attention the future this is maybe this is happening right now. Quiet plays to and topgun delayed ban. Hong Tran has put out there. Delay to twenty twenty. One I'm not surprised at all in their sauce. Come out in the fall. Yeah, all these films in the far can be delayed tenant. Who just was announced today about that? And now you got a new all these other moves gonNA. Do the same thing man, so it's. GOING GONNA. Give man anything going to be Odi, you think. Great Question I would love to have tended to I. Mean I'm not to not to you would. You laughing already. Yeah, you would. Probably Cristiano he's all about the. Cinema and how? That's the only way you can experience that film and that. Kind of funny if it went to. The studio. We risk. Long enough! Need to make our money, you know who say this movie right now. Set the fuck up is going to be Odeen. Sorry If there's any comedies. Coming out in the fall does go to video. Because you don't need. To you think films. I mean because they would do will think horror films will do well. Comedies will do really well. It's the big epochs stuff like Buluan black widow. Going Vod. They're going to wait on those. They'll sit on those for awhile. sledding, horror, films and comedies. I could see those going to the OD and made it family films. Yeah, we see that's the one that's kind of the most success. My job is going on the net flicks i. read all the. Street services okay. At trolls do which was kind of the case for a lot of the scoop. Yep, sounds do well Yeah I. Really wonder about a quiet place because a quiet please can afford to go to be od. Quickly to. Imagine I know that the original one was actually very inexpensive like nineteen million dollars to make an inmate. I imagine the second one I mean I probably cost more, but I imagine them tour. Films are typically. You know they have a low budget. I like to watch. It looks good. Those already I'll move. I can maybe wash later There's already a porn parody of Hamilton. I'm shocked at it. Took this John Lomax fake? Slow Mexi just sent it over on one against the porn name. Hamill Cock. Like.

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