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They're still trying to put out the fires I'm Dave Anthony fox news police precinct among the places torch in Minneapolis and St Paul approach is getting more violent over the death of a black man during arrest many stores were looted more than a hundred buildings damaged or destroyed we also heard the sounds of gunshots both near and far and throughout this area there are countless destroyed businesses with windows smashed in stores looted and spray painted the National Guard is here and is apparently assisting fire crews as they go around to try to extinguish some of the fires trying to keep those crews safe from some of the other riders in the looters oxes Matt Finn the protests spread to other cities in Louisville seven people were shot ones injured critically Merrick right Fisher just said we as a community and a country I have much work to do to advance our goal of a society where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential and to live safely a trump tweet called the Minneapolis riders thugs thugs any roads that's we will take control of their city more difficulty when looting starts the shooting starts in days after Twitter fact check to tweet to flag this one fox's John decker live in Washington the White House escalating its dispute with Twitter by reposting a tweet for the president's personal account that the social media giant had just taken the unprecedented step of hiding because it violated the platform's rules Twitter use what it calls a public interest notice to flag the president's original post meeting the tweet will be hidden behind a notice that says this tweet violated the Twitter rules about glorifying violence Twitter then to fix the warning label again on the reposted tweet on the official White House account Dave John the coronavirus shut downs all the layoffs consumer spending down.

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