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Boro no his business the knives tony you'll brandon's zulu no julianne hough zulu man oh 600 seminar this morning's unique ashley check with you without thursday morning march eight and we have one like less than an hour to go before the announcement for shack best so we're very excited we are ready i know right rate is talking about and keeping a secret for weeks and weeks the now he finally get to tell you today we got spartan stadium fifty and we're at thirty six right now coming up in about twenty minutes today's zee on this he i share nearly device an already on the proud really yes alas career good for you i us so that's on the way we've got pentatonic tickets coming up with the pointless poll question which we just a minute or two and hook up our hang up we'll try to adam howard into bed as the last week but we will certainly try to hook up another couple of single people here in hampton earth by the way ashley happy international women's day today well thank you all today is international women's day ohio highfives all ladies out there listen in this morning whereas magic filet i should've brought you something but aparthied i didn't bring any anyway we'll see how he owes you chickfila doesn't mean he di do but will put a time limit on it oh my gosh all right let's get to our pointless poll questions it's time for this morning zoos pointless whole question of the day on see 104 pointless whole question is get a texture answers to seven five seven 104 top10 answers that we like well real.

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