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Gays are comedy aaron foley. Dana here with us. To and erin. I i wanna know sort of now. I mean you did such a good job keeping this going during covert now. We're we're sort of coming out of it Or we are coming out of it. And i'm wondering what the future looks like are like are you. Are you stoked for this. I am i you know. I don't know what's going to happen. But i think i think what's going to happen is like they'll probably be a combo of doing the live show again. And then maybe doing. Some special event shows on rush ticks I just have to figure out. I mean it's it's sort of like. I think we're going through this weird stage of people want to go out. They don't wanna go out. They they want to go out but they don't want to be in a pack room they wanna you know it so. I think it's just comedy wise. Were in this kind of weird. Maybe i would say to three month transition period Where i think people will just kind of fear it out. I think it's going to be really month-to-month You know what the next steps are. But you know whether it's a reincarnation of gazer. Whatever it is they'll be i will be. Oh you know in support of some monthly gay something somewhere. I think i'm just gonna leave it at that. I don't know what what's going to happen. I get a shirt. I support some monthly gay. Something somewhere that's i don't really know how to answer the question but i think that's what i'm going to still work towards something gay and find where people are slinging jokes and feel super comfortable and safe. It had sports. And fred lay Because that's that's that's always going to be my goal. So i've got to figure out what that what that means. I love the idea of like somehow keeping it digital to maybe live streaming. I think there's so many people you know when covid hit whether it's comedy or music or You know the that previously to cova. There's so many people who couldn't get out to venues too. And i think that that sort of opens up the audience and i think that that would be a pretty amazing idea because it just it i think he just have the potential reaching so many more people. Yeah yeah for sure. It's a catch twenty two in air and you could pride tested. This is that when everyone can come to every show all the time. And you're like. Oh my god i did not write another fifteen minutes because you guys were all here. All all of you were here last month. All of you so. I think getting back to live comedy and the other thing erin. Nine vogt knows so do you is that we know we gotta work out jokes that we try and gauge whether they're funny by audience reaction when you're doing a malone in your living room every job gives either killing or suck in. You're really not sure. So hard without that live feedback But yeah i mean hey is to hosted an open mike. For six years. I did the same material every sunday. So i mean people are into it. People will start. I mean like like shouting your punch lines out before you get to him. it's awesome. I love alison. That spin on on what i call. Timeless classics is wonderful. That was always at that. Is always that extra pressure dana. You're right. I mean i host the show for every month for twelve years and it's ten minutes up top and you you. I'm constantly putting new stuff in not that it's ready but i gotta put in what am also hosting that first. Ten twelve minutes. You know how we both know how it is. It's like you also have this job to get everybody out of what i call out of their cubicle. Ps nobody works in la. you. Know what i mean so you gotta get them out focused. You know what i mean. It's it's yeah. I think host hosting is incredibly difficult. I don't know why we put young comics hosting anything is completely insane. The headliner should host the whole show but you know it's it's it's a beast that's why that's why i always said like i always kept going because of you know the the crowds were they were. They were up for it they were. They're always excited and i was. I would go. I don't know if this works. I really don't because i have no. He's coming out of the pandemic having done. Stand up for the last eleven months. No idea like. I've been doing it. I don't know if it's been working. But i'm trying but like the last show. I did together literally if no one in been watching. It was myself. Deanne smith alec mapa bridge mcmanus aaron foley and we for the first fifteen minutes watched alec mapa trion were technology and if nothing else had happened that night. It was such a blissful time to spend with each other So sometimes the audience is very important but in days of covid really are they even bear. Yeah yeah and you have to do material right. What kind of crowd worker you going to do on zoom colleague. Hey let's look at that screen name. Hey put your job in the chat. I mean it's just totally weird. Because what i host and i'm terrible hosting what i. I'm usually just doing crowd work. You know that it's it's such different world. I know. I think you know you get you. Know some zoom stuff. You really get some feedback you know on rush take. They're like super professional. So it like so. They're taking the pressure off the audience. So they're not on zoom. It's another type of platform. Where so which i think is really good for the audience but for the performer. You're just literally performing it to like dana in the screen like the. You can't see anyone. But i honestly think maybe that might be better in a way because week before i started doing it on rush ticks. I was doing a comedy show and it was. One of the screens was just a grill..

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