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Parking Cove. It 19 compliant. Buy tickets online for contact with Century that a C and water boat show dot com 6 12 still to come a change at the top of a troubled police department. It's after we check traffic and weather on the twos back over to Justin, Drop it. Fora report sponsored by Hint water. Are they? Cloudy and 76 eastbound little bit slow right around golf mills, whose vehicle there changing a flat tyre toe off to the side, just called minor delay. Westbound 76 overall in great shape. Just a little bit slow writer on the contract, encourage some sun glare out there. 95 north and South bound at the moment, pretty much moving at Highway speed Roosevelt Boulevard north bound, sluggish right around with a chicken Avenue du volume and no problems mentioned on 4 76 the Blue Room Turnpike for 20 to continue to move at highway Speed Falls Township, Bucks County Lincoln Highway, an Olds boulevard that's still blocked off. Do the police activity jam traffic on the surrounding roads. We could plead the opening on the Cockney Palmar Bridge North bound ship. Still a little bit of a delay for heading in the Pennsylvania but not enough to avoid it in New Jersey, a clear the crash on the Garden State Parkway North bound approaching the laxity Expressway was in the left lane, but now they're setting up construction North bound between exits. 30. And 36. Also in the left lane, the rest of New Jersey Quiet on the 42 Freeway to 95, the turnpike and rude 55 now drinking 64 ounces of recommended water a day. That's tough, but I found an easier way by drinking, hint water and staying healthy. No fake sweeteners. Or calorie or sugar. It tastes like natural fruit. More than 25 flavors. Available. Fight in the grocery store. Just go drink hint dot com I'm just dropping and kow 24 hour Traffic center on the forecast Now with NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Glenn Hurricane Schwartz. Pretty human for the next couple of days, the clouds increasing tonight with some patchy fog late in alot about.

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