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Springs, California. And it's time to open up the state of California for business completely. Mr Randy wags at the Sports desk in Culver City, John. Hundreds of concerned Citizens are marching on a courthouse in downtown LA and they're not marching to defund the police and they're not marching for black lives matter. They're marching for an issue much more important than those They're marching to free Brittany. Oh, boy. And of course, when do we want him? Uh huh. My Oh, my. So what? What's all going on down there? So Britney Spears is actually supposed to speak at the courthouse today to defend herself against this conservative ship that has taken over her life for the last 12 years, And there are supporters from every walk of life out there, hoping to catch a glimpse of the pop star. And tell her how much they love her and how much they've changed her life and how much they want her to be free. What do we want? When do we want it now? You know when the lockdown hit, a lot of us didn't have a lot to do with our time and we look for things to occupy ourselves. We look for new hobbies. We look for Different groups of people to associate with online. Some were more productive than others. This is just sad. Hey, hey, the conservative has got to go. Maybe they saw the documentary on Netflix. So before the the rally portion, a local reporter at Fox 11 was just doing interviews with some of the people standing outside and There are some very special people in this world. Chung That's all I'm gonna say. Well, I'm sure our next guest has something to say about this. She is the author of the book Rude, which is available online at amazon dot com. Katie Hopkins, Katie Welcome, I I said if I can really speak to John, I'm just so worried about Britney. I mean, I'm on edge. I'm on edge and literally on the edge of my seat. I'm concerned and worried all at the same time. What's more pathetic the Britney groupies or the Prince Harry groupies? I I think no, I think has to be the Prince Harry groupies, because how anyone still it wants to be a group next to that sad demise of a once, man, I do not know where it's at least the Britney Group is of the great days of Britney when she was truly informed to be excited about its 13 years, I think cheese. Addressed this conservative ship. What's it called conservatorship of her father, So it's been a long time. We've been waiting for the Britney moment, so I think we can all agree that we're pretty excited well, and I'll tell you what's going to drive us crazy over here. We have a homeless problem that is absolutely out of control, which you have seen firsthand on any number of occasions. And every time you come, I'm sure it gets more obviously words. However, one of the problems is that you can't go to a court. It's very difficult to say someone is mentally ill. Someone doesn't have their faculties and somebody else needs to make decisions for them. What's going to happen is some enterprising politician is going to take a look at the free Brittany crowd and they're going to look at the documentary and they're going to say I could attach myself to something that's famous and something that's related to Hollywood and I'll get booked on the shows. So they're going to change the laws to make it harder to get a conservatorship over someone who's clearly mentally ill because of what happened to one individual who lives a totally atypical life of everyone else in the state of California, and it's going to make it harder to get crazy homeless people off the streets. Yeah, And I think you know, I hate people talk about homelessness all the time. And I always want to grab him by the hand and take them, you know, and spend some time as I have in the places where the homeless are, which is now pretty much everywhere And you know it isn't these aren't people who simply need a home, which is always the sort of lazy explanation for this. These are people who were often face down. Outside the you know, bathroom or shower cubicles with no idea where they are no clothes on and no hope of ever finding themselves because they're utterly lost to humanity. And if these were animals, we wouldn't allow them to suffer. In that way. We would take care of them. So you can see how that nonsense is going to carry on and how no one wants to do anything about it. And they keep looking the other way until it turns up on their doorstep, which Of course, it surely will. But really, John, I think the most important thing that you and I have to talk about right now is what's going on with tuna and subway sandwiches apparently done from across the pond. We do have a a resident fast food expert on this program. Mr Randy Wang, who's all over that? That's right, because the New York Times did a DNA test to find out if there is any identifiable tuna in subways, Tuna sandwich and There is no tuna in the tuna sandwich. Just like there is no bread in the subway bread, Just like there is no innocence. And Jared Fogle, I just love that. I love that. I love that Randy is all over it in the way that he is, I read that report. And they said that they tested 60 inches 60 inches, boys. Would you be able to know what that measurement was? 60 inches, 12 ft. H 60 inches. And in that 60 inches, Yeah, they found no identifiable tuna DNA. So what? My question, I suppose, is to remedy what is being put in the tuna subway. I don't want to know. And I'm afraid about what I've been eating for the past 30 years. My guess is it's made from bodies that were dumped in the East River. Yeah. Or maybe staff members who didn't turn up on time or rang in sick. I mean, we're just not know we're speculating here. The other thing that's important to me from across the pond is I don't know if you guys have got it, but we've certainly got it..

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