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It is the final week of the year. We got a lot to get done coming up in about thirty five minutes. I've got the head basketball coach at Wisconsin. Greg guard coming up in our number three, Nicole Auerbach who writes for the athletic when I mentioned Greg guard. I said you don't want some reverse karma. I'm trying to get my son our son into the college of his choice, it let me just digress. Really quickly for any of you who are living this life. You know, exactly what I'm talking about. It's a really stressful time it's stressful for the kid who's trying to get into college. It's stressful for the parents who are trying to help that kid get into college. If you've lived this life, or if you're in the middle of this life. You don't exactly what I'm talking about. It's all about college applications. It's all about your future. It's all about whether or not you can scary funding. It's all about the standardized testing. It is really really stressful. This. Essentially all we do right now around the room household, get the apps out, take the ACT, sit and wait and do the work. So let me just mention that for one minute. So talked about on the program. So Jake is a senior in a really rigid academic high school and he's done his past. He's got good grades. Not crazy crazy grades, but good grades. He has good test scores not crazy over the top in Saint test scores. But he's worked really really hard. You know, we love the kids so much. We're so proud of him and let the chips fall where they may Jake does not want to be like his old man doesn't really know that much about sports wants to be in journalism. He'd rather be. I dunno like. One went to Madison to see Wisconsin. When he found out that the onion was based in Madison. Jake's response was oh, hell, yeah. This is where I wanna be never mind that I walked him through the athletic facility never mind that he met Barry Alvarez never mind that he's meeting the coaches of the programs when he found out that it was about the onion. That's where he wants to be. So really quickly. When I mentioned, the college tours that Jake was taking mostly with Janet. Here in California. He went to Stanford. He went to Berkeley, he went to Santa Clara. He went to my alma mater, UC Santa Barbara all good. All great. Some you could get into maybe some not. But he doesn't want to stay home. He wants to leave. He wants to go out of state. So they go out of state they go to the mid west. They go to north western they go to Notre Dame. They go to Missouri. And then Jake.

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