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Motors and say why I need a new mortar. I said No, no, no. You leave that overnight here with me. And I put that motor in a vice and I dropped 56 drops of turban. Oil turban tur be I n e. I dropped down that shaft of the motor and I reverse it and I've got down the other end of the motor and the guy come in in the mornings. They will I'm here to buy a new motor and I say You owe me $2. And they said, Well, I'd say you owe me $2 for the oil I used Get out here and see me when you have another problem. Turban. Oil is not going to turn the bubble gum, and that's what happens to a lot of oil you put into the furnace Motors. Turns to bubble gum and you ruin it. Okay. Turban, oil will stay as oil will not break down. Well, I need to take the motor out of the furnace to put it in. In some cases you do unless you can loosen the bracket on the mortar and just tilt it a little. And let you know and let it doesn't drops rolled down that shaft. It'll migrate to the baring. Okay, And you've added years of life to a furnace Morin. Furness Motor today, believe it or not, just a simple furnace motor is like a $600 repair bill. Wow. They're not inexpensive. Yes. I thank you so much for emailing me and for calling me on the phone I love the attention are thanks so much another another quick question about grad store. Oil? Yeah, not use a bunch of things. You mentioned the garage for oil. I went on the Web and I saw the only thing I could see was like Three and one head garage door oil, But you said not to use three and one for garage store. You buy grij oil graduate door oil at the hardware store, it says on their maid. Specifically for gradient doors screen all the old oil out now, make sure you use Mineral spirits or denatured alcohol and clean all everything make those tracks as clean as a whistle. Okay? And then spray that all through that track and on the rollers and spray everything. I spray the cables above the door. I spray those cables. Those springs I spray everything. All right, so just the longest says Furnace oil. It's okay to you. No, no, Brad Store oil or Yeah, Okay. All right. Thanks. Are take care, OK? Bye Bye. Bye bye..

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