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It'll take care of him. He's shell. All you need. Arthur good word today. I ain't got no bad news. I got some good news. I got some breathing. Treble old. But I got some good news today. He is the same. Yesterday. Forever. He got don't have to change. Change folks, change free in exchange churches change, but God never changes. God. Can't do what you need somebody pin the show. What me catch got what you need. God's got. It. The share take those sort of the spirit, which is the word of God. I'm going to defeat the devil today. The word of God. Hallelujah. Here's got to be at our show. Can you say? We can hardly find he prayed for me. Just a few minutes with the Holy Ghost over. You can throw stones. If you want to the word all they can find his word. Find is plan. We find his plan. What we find is. We find newspapers shot. In fact, he refined his presence. We'll be fine. We look for God. No. We are coming into the house of God. I don't want going through another week. And if you hear had no trouble come up to me. I'll give you some of my. What are you saying trouble on.

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