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Company tweeting there temporarily removing the recent tab from hashtag pages in the US Ticktock will also limit video clips the claim election victories before the AP calls the races Twitter on Thursday briefly suspended the account of acting Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan, claiming his posts about the effectiveness of the border wall violated their hate speech policies. Missioner Morgan, telling Fox's Tucker Carlson tonight. Where did what they did on purpose. Let's make no mistake about It was just a few days before the election. They knew what they were doing intentionally. And now after they did it after they got their hand caught in the cookie jar. It's a dish ingenuous, saying they made an air pressure building on the Biden family and their associates to respond to allegations about Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings After former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Belinsky came forward, offering his text messages, e mails. His documents and even three cell phones. Now pressure is building on those who were involved in a Chinese energy deal with Biden. Family members. Belinsky alleges Jim and Hunter Biden traded on their family name and relationship with the former vice president to land lucrative overseas business deals. One of their partners, Rob Walker, expressed concern about scrutiny that comes With Bob Belinsky going public. If something comes out now, and Barret has the story if it blows up big time in Washington, Mike Emanuel Fox News, Federal prosecutors say a former U. S embassy worker in Mexico City is believed to have drugged and sexually assaulted as many as two dozen women. Say Brian Geoffrey Raymond has worked for the government for more than 20 years. They say they found hundreds of incriminating photos. His iCloud storage, Jack Hello, This's Fox news. Wcbm Baltimore in a messy overnight here in Baltimore, all the mid Atlantic with flood alert shop from Philadelphia down to the Carolinas in the wake of Zeta becoming a tropical storm again over the open waters of the Atlantic 40 Niner overnight low with the intensity of the rain coming down in the wind. Speed's still strong out there out of the Northwest. Overnight Tonight Cloudy Friday 51 Friday night 37 Sunshine Saturday 51 shower Sunday 63. I'm Scott Larrimore, The weather Channel on talk radio 6 80 Wcbm Wcbm Studios were sponsored by a safe retirement solution. Call Rod Borowy for that solution for 10266 11 20 Friday on the Derek Hunter Show the last weekend before the election candidates are scrambling across the country will pick the brain of David for dough. So from the Washington Examiner, see what he thinks about what's going to happen on Tuesday from nine until noon on talk radio 6 80 Wcbm..

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