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He's trying and he's at least effort, which is ah, a lot better than you could say about some tight ends that are mainly known for their receiving and you know last season, he really improved on his option routes and learning how to read defense is a real leverages and breaking off those leverages. And this season has become a real weapon for him. He's picking up things quickly. I would say his third best tight and league right now, George Kittel and Travis Kelsey kind of argue who's won or who's too. I think it's just more based on what your system you're asking that the play in. But I'll say Waller's comfortably the third best tight in that league, and when you know it's hard to find these guys, you know, not not a lot of teams have good, dependable tight ends. That could be consistent threats, and the Raiders definitely have one in Waller. Well, what about around a little bit? I do want to hit on the 40 Niners. And you mentioned something there about Waller that I want to translate to the 40. Niners offense here. You mentioned the run blocking wanna talk about Mike McGlinchy Because the 40 Niners will continue to tell you that that they think he's playing well, he's playing hard. There have been concerns, maybe that he needs to bring his weight up a little bit in the offseason toe. Stock up would be a little bit bulkier. But if you look at pro football focus rankings on him, and I don't know how much weight you put into this, they call him the number one run blocker at a week. 15. The eye test doesn't always say the same thing. But a lot of times. It seems like when he's getting blown up when he's getting beat up the line of scrimmage. It's in crucial situations. So what am I missing? What is the fans I test missing from what pro football Focus is seeing about Mike McGlinchey's play? At right tackle on the O line. Yeah, I think maybe he's just doing his job, and if you're doing your job for the most part, they might give you a good grade or this place that we're not seeing that he's doing well, and I haven't reviewed this Cowboys game from all 22 angle yet, But I do remember seeing some place where he just got absolutely blown up, and I think the more concerning thing is how bad he's been in in in pass protection this season. I don't think he's ever been. This bad isn't is entire career, so that's definitely a problem that they have to correct. I don't know if he has some injuries playing through or if he's really regressed, But like he said, he definitely needs to add more weight. He needs more playing strength. I'm more concerned about his past blocking. What do you see it from the past protection Because you're right. It seems like frequently and it's tough to tell like when you go back and you watch the tape. Marcus Lauren's beaten him is one thing. I mean, this is a fantastic player. But when you see the past block and guys like like Nick Mullins are quick release. Guys get rid of it fast. He seems to process at least in the short passing game quickly, But But what do you see it in the past, blocking that It's not coming through for McGlinchy. I don't see a lot of power like he doesn't have a good base like he gets. Bull rushed a lot. You know, guys, they're just kind of running through him and the scatter report. But then she was ever that he's gonna be a mauler. But he definitely needs to add some strength and just shore up some technical flaws and his footwork. It's just really strange to see how much he's regressed this season. I thought that he's both pretty solid his first two years, but he's kind of a liability on the on the line this season. They're playing the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. Kyla Marie gave them fits the first time, which.

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