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Portugal obviously and not surprisingly this is also wind destiny smartest I'd we have only drinkers someone listen to sell all go on vacation together I I I happen to like ports you know it's not because you really can't drink too much of it so it's hard to go wrong but the sugar content so high that if you did go wrong you remember it yeah I'll bet import portico there are these port wine houses and the reason for port wine the reason for its creation we can actually thank the Brits it's hard to think that we thank the Brits for the creation of any gourmet foods and not to be too cynical about British food but all during the wars with Napoleon the Greeks were going nuts because their source of wine was cut off they had always gotten wine from France and they couldn't get it anymore and so they started getting wine from Portugal but the problem what is the Portuguese were shipping it in the small boats that were open to the elements and it was a longer trip than it was from France and by the time the barrels of wine and got to the UK but not Britain in those days it had turned event occur and so to keep it good they started adding fortified liquors to it and hence the creation of port wine and that's why when you go to Porto today you go tasting you're doing it at these British tasting houses which I think comes as a surprise to many people but there's no Santa sentiment is the famous there's many of them there and and lots of the world with this but sentiment David Sandeman was a Scotsman he was born in Perth Scotland and died and went down to to Portugal to basically make his mark and so get out there is a really tight connection between Scotland and sentiment so yeah and support to also is known for it hasn't really and modern art museum it's very very worthwhile visiting I it has the best sandwiches on the planet which I raved about when I was out last on this show it has this gorgeous port area I mean the whole thing there's a a river that runs around it on so it's a it's a really really lovely place to six the people now think of it as one of the places where Harry potter was born when you walk around portal you see students in these black robes they look just like Hogwarts kids and that's because Jay I'll take a rolling when she was very young and I think right as he was going to have a child she lived in Portugal she lived there and then university town nearby important Porto in your body and so those cloaks that all of the kids are wearing at Hogwarts are inspired by the Portuguese custom and there's also this beautiful library when I library bookstore but it's called me very ello and it is the most gorgeous I art deco swooping lines bookstore you've ever seen your life it's so beautiful they sell tickets to go inside even though it's not the gets if you go in you pay for your ticket to get certain amount off any purchase you make but most of the books are in Portuguese yeah well if you do buy a book I think you get off the the cost of admission but she also named one of her villain's Salazar Salazar Slytherin for the terrible dictator who ruled Portland Portugal for many many years and you know the students in those capes as with always the case when their dictators it's usually the university students who stand up to them first they have less fear they don't have families and the students were told they couldn't wear those capes under Salazar for a while and so it became an act of defiance the continues through today people are very very proud the university students to wear these medieval looking costumes and they they wear them all over town these drape beat tapes Lil do look make them look like Hogwarts students spend there it's it's a moving place to visit it really is so so I'm stuck at the listeners it had been to Porto or any of the other four final nominees for our best places to go those other for our Charleston South Carolina a lot Israel the finger lakes region here in New York and cinema county California and our number is eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two but you don't just have to talk about those five places you can talk about any place because we're here to help you also plan your vacation and hear your story.

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