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The ninth grade and only eighty two and a half percent have graduated from high school. That is a staggering number of people that have not. When we talk about the issues, we I the history lesson of immigration that we just went over. And how we're doomed to repeat it. If we don't understand. If we aren't teaching our kids about the holocaust what our the greatest generation the World War Two generation were able to accomplish d day. I was in. I was in France. I went to Normandy in Luxembourg Belgium over the anniversary of d day last June. And as much as I am a student of history. There was nothing like standing in those places. Utah beach Omaha beach point to hawk the Pegasus bridge going to these different places and meeting some of the men who fought there, and realizing that they were eighteen nineteen years old when they did it. And the struggle. That they had to endure and had it failed. What America would look like? That everybody east of the Mississippi would probably be speaking German and everybody west of the Mississippi would be speaking Japanese. That there is a necessity. In teaching not just what we've done, but why we've done it. The consequences of intervening or not intervening. Should we have intervened earlier, maybe Pearl Harbor doesn't happen? Those questions would Hitler's impact on the world had been diminished. Had we done some kind of a preemptive strike. But that's just one part of education. When you see a statistic where you're setting people up to fail. And it's a system where you are throwing billions of dollars at the problem with no accountability. Really? It makes me wonder what education is in America. Is it a business? Because if it is it's failing except the executives which would be the teachers unions and the big organizations invested in education aren't going to lose their paycheck. And I'm I'm torn because when I go into high schools and speak with students these are thoughtful people they are not selfish known idiots. They're portrayed to be sometimes. But we do them a huge disservice. We don't challenge kids nearly enough. We don't hold them accountable. We don't make them work hard. We we, you know, there was one teacher was fired because school policy said the lowest grade, you can give us a fifty percent. So even if you don't turn on a piece of paper, you don't get zero. You still get fifty percent for not doing the work. Those are the things that concern me when I talk about education. But in the end whose fault is it it's yours, and it's mine. If my kids would have graduated from high school and couldn't read that's my fault. If I don't know that my children can't read when they are in the second grade third grade that they're not learning to read or at least not learning what they're being taught. That's on me. But the education system seems in my opinion seems to be failing because where we used to lead the world. We don't. We aren't challenging people were not making sure that we're creating critical thinkers that can read something convey, a message of what they've just read comprehend it, and repeat what they've just read. Instead, we make sure we're churning out. Good citizens. Well, good in the minds of the people that are doing the indoctrination. And I say this with all due respect, the teachers because we all have teachers that influenced us, we all have somebody or people in our lives that we look back at it and say that person was a huge influence on me. I'm sure I've mentioned here on this show before our dean of students when I was in high school. I always thought hated my guts, I was a maniac of a kid. You know, I was I drove this guy. Crazy. Years after I was out of high school. I saw him at a high school football game. And he remembered not only me, but he remembered my younger brother's name my youngest brother's name who never even went to that school. My mother's name asked how we all were doing asked how my electoral career was going. He knew what I was doing for a living. And he's someone that's been a promoter of this radio career when it happened and has been a great support system to me. And I had I was under the assumption that he just disliked me immensely. I was just a bad kid. He was trying to straighten out. This was one of the people instrumental in keeping me from going completely off the edge. His name is Bill gettys, and I'm in touch with him once in a while we keep in touch on Facebook. And there are literally thousands of kids that have the same stories about him and people like him at our schools that made impacts on us. So there I'm not I am not denigrating the service of. Teachers there are many many many great teachers in this country. The system has got issues. When you got a national standard. It's one thing when you have a national way of of educating I want you to think of how is it possible that the same issues that an inner city kid from Brooklyn New York faces the same kid same issues as a kid in Butte, Montana. How does some kid from fountain? Colorado face the same challenges as a kid from a Clovis, New Mexico. It's different. And teachers should be able to educate students and not have to just be teaching them to pass tests. One of the fun things. I've had the pleasure of doing over the last few years is making fun of because they deserve it. The assault on Christmas..

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