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Athlete would be able to when it was first when they ran the first comrades marathon on the on the I think it was twenty first of May. Nineteen twenty one on, it was supposed to be on once-off commemoration, but it's so completely captured the imagination, but then decided to do it again the following year in the opposite direction and you know then, of course the rest is history has been going every year since then it some- depending on how you look at, it is either the second third. Fourth oldest race in the world, the Boston Marathon courses the undisputed leader, and then there are other races that might have started before comrades, but then might have had like a ten or twenty year break, or whereas comrades anytime. The comrades marathon hasn't been during five years during the Second World War, so we like to think of it as as being the second oldest race in the world, and it's certainly the oldest footrace in in Africa. And it it it has a real special meaning. It's hard to describe when I grow up with. In the UK largely, but with the South African father, and so some understanding of comrades, being mentioned in Bruce, being particularly being such. A kind of hero to many people in the in the early years but I. Think you know it wasn't until multi, my co-host and I. Actually traveled South Africa indeed the race in two thousand eleven that we realized. What special place has in South Africans Har. It's hard to. I love the London Marathon daily on the London marathon load of times, and of course London marathons only in inverted commas. What is it thirty five years old or something like that? Maybe forty and to maybe takes another sixty years to get that feeling, but just describe for for listeners you haven't. Made that trip. Maybe aren't resident in south, Africa what comrades means to the people of South Africa. Thing that comrades marathon is firstly in nineteen, seventy five became the first sporting event in South Africa, that was open to men and women of all races, and I mean anyone who knows that history of South Africa that was like really absolutely groundbreaking, and it was way ahead of its time, and and so it's had that sort of symbolism right from the beginning one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five, being the first one that was open to men and women of all races, and it's it's. It's such a melting pot of South Africans bring people together. It's got such nation building sort of attributes to bring the whole country together once a year. Everybody realizes just how great this nation can be in. How how will we can all live in support and play and run alongside one another, and it's just you know sets heart, warming town tales, and such heartwarming seems that everybody sees play on on television in it's it's. It's really become part of our national heritage It is I mean comrades. Days is an unofficial national holiday. Everyone stops has the biggest. World Cup matches have bigger telephone television coverage, so it's it's really really huge has thirteen hours of live television coverage on on comrades..

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