Internet Service Providers, Warner Cable, CNN discussed on The Steve Cochran Show


Of these most of the large internet service providers are owned by the media com conglomerates and most of the media conglomerates are in the eyes of many people the republican community uh uh the role and there were though so if you if you look at time warner time warner cable is who owns or nieto own cnn everybody's going oh well you know clearly so it's it's it kids be aware it it it this is not a liberal or conservative think this really is a plan a d i s peace charge you extra just to charge you extra young enough not give you any extra service basically chongkyu extra to not be grade jury internet service while so it's kind of like the old opting out you know you had ed they it's let me the different example years ago you use the example of of the talking about the kennedy being on the kennedy expressway or being on the autobahn okay this is being a like being on the kennedy expressway only they're going to make it a toll road depending on how far you want to go and they're not gonna give you any improvements no i think it's actually going to be like being on the kennedy expressed and insane if you're in the core in a ford you have to drive in the plo lanes hippie early mercedes i it it all right that's a good yeah yeah wow do consumers have any i mean do we have a voice do we have a way to say are we don't like this idea you know we've got a five fiveman panel this going to vote will it looks like a deserter it's one thing to say you're right to your colleague bernard congress person or call your congress person but now we have this fiveman panel uh how do we community them they actually a close the cupboard period with the sa you to try contact me near route with the members of the commission again to them we know are gone.

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