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Wizards wiz the young men. Now he's still over back there to see the grandbaby again and that's my two boys are okay. Wow because they grew up in pennsylvania ten years. Before i left jersey and this is very amazing. Wow you're not you tell your story to help other people right yes testimony can help somebody along definitely is what is the number one show because we are the cenis in shock right now but have to feel good of face young mother. The same thing is to know. My mother-in-law sorry beam and the last question last question dishes so so happy. Grew to about this. Because i was because i was thinking that maybe i'm glad you shared that. You left the moment that this happened team so people to stick out in your marriage back no matter what because especially people from out there used to know what was the last situation when i am out the door. You let convenient you move down south. When was that. i love him and twenty three. When did we come down your fifty or sixty twenty fifteen cut in. We have thought. I we wasn't intimate none at like maybe two years before that or whatever and and i think the last thing was my son's birthday and the girl contacted me again saying they had something together and i went upstairs to the his top when he was in innovate and we got into a little bit not told split up and i know i picked up his gun and cockpit important because they say you don't work montagne work mark gun talk back and pointing at his head and i was like you know what right into two months right. It made it through to blow desma head off and not be around my kids and my grandkids at pack up and leave because my kids. They was already traumatized from trying to stay in. Baker work like women's rights up. Thank you is about to be my girl. Y'all watch that was a look at me for a second. I wanna say look. I i agree with you to the minute. Potatoes them say. I agree with you right now. One hundred percent. I disagree with you and the reason why i'm your shit right now is because she stay so much longer than i thought she left right after this is over now stay a noble fourteen years and had to pull out a gun. She had to stop herself. And.

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