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But of course, the biggest thing of all is this hurricane at the storms height, wind gusts of up to one hundred and seventy five miles per hour. That's the force of an e four, four NATO that makes it the fourth strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the US ever. The storm made landfall this afternoon in the town of Mexico beach in Florida, these shards of wood, and this debris that you see is all that's left of at least one house in Mexico Beach, Florida. After hurricane, Michael came ashore in nearby Panama City. The storms wins acted like sand blaster, tearing the roofs off buildings, tearing buildings down after the storm pass, but it looked like sleek and see a lot of trees just snapped in half mid height. They're usually once the storm makes landfall at fizzles pretty quickly. Land is basically kryptonite to hurricanes weakens them quickly under normal circumstances. But this one, this one instead of falling apart when it hit land. Michael actually still picked up a little speed at landfall. It seemed for hours after landfall at least it seemed to hold on and hold together and tonight the dangerous still there joining us now is NBC news, meteorologist Bill Cairns who is tracking this hurricanes progression over the course of today. Bill. We know that it's obviously decreased in strength by now, but. This has been a remarkable trajectory today and a big swath of destruction. We are almost eight hours after landfall and we're still dealing with a hurricane in central Georgia. We still have trees that are falling on houses cars, power lines through central Georgia, and people are sitting in their homes, hearing the whistling of the winds and grabbing their kids and their dogs and heading into safe rooms. I mean, that's just the fact that we're going to go through it is weakening. It's down to a category one, but we still have wind up to seventy miles per hour heavily forested areas and just a ton of trees. I mean, that's the pictures you're just gonna see endlessly is all the trees that are down throughout the region. So here's the latest from.

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