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The f like i said a good example for him a lot about what i know and including this year as well you know in the game i was see things that he wouldn't see we'll talk about on the sideline and things like that and i feel like he can take that and use it to people this going to be starting this year and i feel like the linebacker group as a whole this year is really deep you know a lot more debt and it's going to be some good compensation come spring ball and camp in i feel like come season time he might see a lot of different rotations at the linebacker position have you ever played at welcome stadium in dayton my i like actually like catch i've gotta play offense my freshman my i catch was at the stadium yeah but we played there a few times i think about five or six times fond memories it sounds like a lot of a lot of good memories at the stadium did you play when it was turfed like astroturf yeah so now it's now it's artificial turf writing yeah absolutely we coach we won there in two thousand five we did yeah your loan your loan trip to welcome stadium oh you made yourself welcome at at home would be be great to see spring practice we're all all excited and get your thoughts on hopefully come out to some some practices and for sure play ben mason a little bit at linebacker jordan glasgow is going to be getting in the into the linebacker ms excited to to see that as well guys like cam grown coming in there's there's some new fresh competition coming into to the linebacker position that is the waters are going to be hot in their course devin bush is just been been been been fantastic all through the his career in winter workouts can really see him taking a taken out some of that that leadership wheels nor for bush it's going to be it can be a strong strong group or for sure it's going to be a different experience for you coming back obviously watching the game as a spectator here because you really haven't done that probably sets an official visit five years ago but we we love having the the nfl guys back.

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