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The checks on the right show on Kevin Robinson filling in for the checks a mocking daisy they'll be back on Monday I'm in studio with a very good friend and one of the Indy sports gurus here in Indianapolis we're talking about the top ten sport stories of Indianapolis sports in the last decade we we've reviewed number ten through five but let's go through those again what was number ten can't ten was Brenda Miller leaving but we're number nine was the Pacers bouncing back from the trade of Paul George number eight in the hosting the Superbowl number seven the pace is stealing Vic and don't miles from OKC in exchange for a for Paul number six Indiana firing Tom cream in my on my I would have had that number one I got to tell you the truth number five trucks strong number four which is where we left off Paul George snapping his wagon was Vegas which is absolutely brutal and regardless of your feelings about Paul George as his as he kind of wore out his welcome here in Indianapolis that was absolutely tragic potentially career ending Paul George in Las Vegas for USA basketball in a scrimmage the stanchion a little bit too close to the baseline he breaks his leg worked his way back to play the final six games of the following season number three in relook retires this was just a shock this shocked people internally with the cold it shocked fans the only people didn't shock it didn't shock teammate to new and then Adam Schefter who reported it on Twitter empty can could during the final I think there is a second final preseason game this past season he reported on Twitter and boy boy did that sent shockwaves immediately I want to know why that's not number one and I'll know in two more stories but that that would be shocking to me because I I was here and I wasn't here for much of the decade I wasn't here for I'm only here for three years of the decade so I would like to know what hi Andrew luck is not the number one sports story the decade it will become clear okay you know what in in here's the reason because I think it got quitting doesn't rise to the level number he last you know and so it years you have Jacoby percent who who fills in for this season admirable you but you wind up seven and nine Andrew walked he he wasn't the best quarterback in the city's history and what happened to the best quarterback in the city's history still in this decade that'll be the top story number two but we're going to back to back NC double a championship games was phenomenal going once is an awesome accomplishment for team like Butler who at the time they were in the horizon league doing it twice in a row proving that the first one wasn't a fluke by doing and second time I think was just unbelievable for Brad Stevens and and I'll extol the virtues of a guy that I know really well who is a part of that team DOT Matt Howard they have got to build a statue to Matt Howard outside Haykal I know people love brand in and rightly so but Brad Stevens would not be the head coach with the Celtics without Matt how're without recruiting him successfully because he was dog that Matt my son played on same summer team and I saw the way ma'am brand recruited Matt the way he crafted the relationship in an honest way with man's family got him to come to Butler Matt was the kind of change agent that but were needed at that time to do exactly what they did you know my Butler story is my father taught about later so I've been the more Butler foot or a football and basketball games and even though we went I you yeah you know I want a smattering of of football games that you know of a few basketball games but to watch that from afar on TV was just spine tingling in that last shot the Duke game man I just had tears in my eyes because Gordon so close yeah Indian Kyle Singler still feels the pick that man Howard set to kind spring happen Hey word and put him in a position where he missed by just that much this is ninety three W. 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K. rob at K. rob on the Twitter machine I'm here with can sterling the checks on the right will be back on Monday we're talking about the top ten sport stories of the last decade so we're just about to get the number one that's good let's go tended to again just to have all right sure Brenda Miller being it going on lease and leaving but where that's number ten number nine paces bounce back from the trade of ball George which is different from one that comes up in it and I understand why there might be some confusion number eight Indianapolis hosts a very successful Superbowl maybe the best ever number seven the Pacers stole over deep owns the bonus which is different to me from the pace is bouncing back from Paul George leaving number six Indiana fires Tom cream number five trucks strong in two thousand twelve number four Paul George snapping his leg in Las Vegas number three and rock retires number two but we're close to back to back NC double a championship game sand number one sports story of the decade in Indiana Peyton manning being released which was just unbelievable to me I that's a guy a heave it rightly statue guy outside Lucas oil stadium but what a conundrum for jammers say and and for the brain trust over there with the colts to try to figure out whether they wanted to retain manning what him go some place cells bring in if they have the number one overall draft pick you bring in and really lock they I think they made the best of a bad situation manning went on to participate in two super bowls winning one of them the cold they made the playoffs the first three years after manning laughed so I I think that kind of that worked out is the right decision for both manning an for the Indianapolis Colts but just was like this staggering thing you never see that a guy you didn't know whether he's going to be able to play at the same level but a guy who had been absolutely the lynchpin in this becoming a bit of a football city being released by the Indianapolis Colts just on believe and the next next surgery had some the play into that I'm sure four of them yeah yeah so can sterling gave us the top ten Indianapolis sports stories the last decade on a ninety three W. IBC gonna transition a little bit here and let's come take the temperature of the state of the state if you will of by the way can you put that top ten list on your Twitter absolutely which is I'll do it and can sterling at we try to keep it simple yep and if you follow can't on Facebook he does a a wonderful daily rap video either from his den hours or is wherever you are your garden it's a fantastic and that's following a concern on Facebook but let's take the temperature what's the state of the state of the Pacers the colds are you I I I know that that last I you game or I'm sorry the one that they played against Notre Dame was kind of sloppy a what yeah what can I you team do we have Purdue what's met Peter got there in Butler so start with the Pacers you know I think we're in a great situation with the Pacers is the Pacers get all the depot back and brought him back hopefully Broughton's back tonight against the nuggets there ten games are eleven games over five hundred and and this is a team that has been built for us Kevin Pritchard's done a great job of of putting together a roster that is very complimentary to one another and in these guys share the basketball and a phenomenal level they play connected defense and one old depot gets back in he gets suited to playing with Brandon I think this is a team that can raise some hell in the Eastern Conference excellent yeah I really haven't found because here's the other thing about me in the NBA being in Saint Louis for thirteen years I was there for twelve years in Chicago when we had a little yeah yeah very nice run and that documentaries coming out to him yeah I'm excited for that but you know it it was like two years before I said Oklahoma's got a team right what when did that happen you know so when you're away from the sport like that you kind of lose track with thank you for that colts tell us about next year this is going to be a really interesting offseason Chris Ballard speaking to the media as we speak kind of doing state of the franchise type of presentation and he's got two big decisions to make in my mind one is whether you bring back Jacoby percent as the starting quarterback is the guy you want want to invest in long term for this team do you bring him back to you draft a guy do you use the thirteenth overall pick to go get somebody who's gonna be the franchise guy or do you stick with percent he signed a free agent like teddy Bridgewater that's a big decision the other one is Maddie reflects the defensive coordinator frankly I don't think this defense I don't think they're defensive scheme works and I think we saw that this year and you've got to decide whether Matt YVR flus is the right guy to lead their defense going forward it when he took over Ballard from Gregson only had to do was fix bound out great since mistakes now he's got a mistake he's got to identify in he's got a correct his own mistakes as you know as a manager as I know as a manager that's the tough part fixing what somebody else broke your hero for doing that but when you fix what you broke down you first got a raise your hand up and say I broke something and that could put your job in a little bit of peril and people aren't wired to do that'll be interesting to see what power does Archie Miller I you Archie look here's my deal with Archie there is nothing to be gained from being cynical about Archie Miller nothing it is saying he's got a gun just like cream he's gotta go nothing's changed there's nothing to be gained from feeling that way I I'd say general pusher chips into the metal back RG I hope that he becomes a stronger coach a guy who's going to take a divine take green and sit him on the bench instead of continued to play the guy as he makes mistake after mistake after mistake I think her she's got to become stronger and I'm thinking do that if we get behind him a little bit what's up and west Lafayette what's going on there you know I I hate what happened with football this year there was some regression I think single are in more going down really hurt the Boilermakers in basketball I think you're you gonna live day and that's who they are they've got the brand built they've got the culture sat math painters the head of it's the perfect guy and Butler Butler I love I love where they are this year love what how they draw they once they twenty three point lead yes St Johns on and then came back to win was phenomenal I think Lovell Jordan the perfect I think we've got the leaders this is a great time for terrific leadership.

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