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Football to talk with our NFL insider extraordinaire Dan Graziano, who joins me on the Goodyear hotline. Hello again, Dan Graziano. Hello Greedy. How are you? I'm good in the last hour and a half before we get yes. We were together on Get up this morning, and here we are Reunited. Let's before we get into any of the moves around the sport. You made it clear on the show this morning. How much you as a reporter appreciated and admired Philip Rivers. Give folks a thought on that is again Philip Rivers announces his retirement today. Oh, yeah, just just super generous with his time and insight. I mean the story I'd like I want to do a feature on him in training camp on like the trash talking quarterback. We never swears and what he says. Instead, we got three features out of that one interview with rivers because he was so forthcoming about so many different topics. So I appreciate that is obviously somebody, uh Help me do my job better, But I also think it reflects the kind of a little bit of who he is because you know, you always saw the passion and heard the passion he had for the game for his team for his teammates. I mean, just somebody who I think not just physically but emotionally. Gave everything of himself every day in his job, and I think that's that's admirable in any profession, But certainly when you talk about high level athletics, you see it on display, and it's always nice. I agree. I think passion is the right word. Meantime, it opens up the quarterbacking job in Indianapolis. And I think if I were recorded back with options that would be a very attractive place to go for a lot of reasons you're playing in a dome. Of the quarterback, friendly head coach of a really good offensive line. What should we start thinking about with regard to their future quarterback? Well, I think that's the right. Starting point is that the culture will perceive themselves accurately as an attractive spot for a quarterback as they did a year ago when they end up signing rivers, so they'll look at their options and they're gonna be some interesting ones. I'm personally curious to see what Detroit does with massive Stafford. I think he's a guy that could be available this this off season and might be this year's rivers for Indianapolis right, like they put him in a veteran and knows what he's doing, and and that could work. You know, now there's there's a range of people will connect Carson Wednesday because Frank Wright connection, but I don't think at this point the Eagles they're looking to move on from whence I think they want to try and get him fixed and get him back to where he was. So I'd be surprised the Niners move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. That's an interesting guy there, you know, Jacoby Percent the free agent Indian in Indianapolis. They really like that guy. They liked him as a backup that he was a starter last year. I mean, I don't know where they stand in terms of their opinion on him, but He's an option Can Noone's looking for a job genius was s so there are a lot of possibilities on ways for them to go with the Jets. Get the quarterback at number two Sam Darnell's available, so I think they're the Colts have a lot of options available to them, which is how they like it. And I think whatever quit for young quarterback winds up in Indianapolis that could be like Donald. That would be a great thing to happen to. Same only in playing for Frank, right with that offensive line on pretty good weapons. What? Especially their standing? Yeah. Great running game. You're right. 100%, right? That is a very attractive spot for a quarterback. It's Dan Graziano with the breaking move. Breaking moves is brought to you by Lincoln Jobs. Build your winning team today go to Lincoln dot com slash sport. But of course, Dan, All eyes are on to Shawn Watson. What is the latest there is we try and figure out what his future is going to be. Well, I think you know the Texas have to get a coach hired and obviously there hope is that once they get that done, that the situation has a chance to kind of simmer down. Now you talk to people around Watson. They're skeptical that will But if you talk to people in Houston, there's you know, Look, it is a long way to go. Here s O Houston isn't gonna want to trade him. Even if he wants out. The question then becomes. How far is he willing to take it? You're going to sit out games. Etcetera, so they have to hash all that out. But there are teams calling because they know that the situation is ugly. Right now. Houston hasn't been entertaining ideas, but there's a lot of people around the league. Certainly in a lot of people close to do, Shawn. Who think that eventually they'll have to. And so we'll wait and see that obviously could wind up being about his bigger movies has ever been made in NFL history. One more What is the latest on the rest of the coaching search is out there that I see News out of Detroit today. The Detroit making it official today with Dan Campbell, the Saints tight ends coach. Remember He was the interim head coach in Miami. A few years back, you know, got a lot of attention for his fired up press conferences and all this stuff, so he's back of the head coach. On then two openings left Philadelphia and Houston. We've talked about Houston. They talked Eric the enemy. They talkto a couple of former head coaches, FL head coaches Leslie Frazier and Jim Caldwell. So couple of possible ways they could go there and Phillies interviewing half the world. You know, a couple days ago, they talk Tomo Josh McDaniels. I think he's still in some ways should be considered a favorite, although I don't think they're all the way sold, but they're talking to a number of other people, including Dennis Allen, the Saints. The defensive coordinator today. He's a former head coach of the Raiders. Philadelphia trying to cast a really wide next year, and so that makes the timetable or cloudy on when they'll settle on something. But their owner, Jeffrey Lori, said last week that Didn't care if they were the last team to hire coach. You just want to get right. So they could take a little while, Okay? And and then, just a sort of is a final thought we do have the two opening still available. You talk about this some on television with us this morning. There is a lot of concern about the lack of minority hiring for this cycle and how that has continued to be a significant problem. What are people you're talking to saying to you? Yeah. I mean, the league really spent a lot of time and energy and public comment on this this offseason, improving this situation and So far, One minority candidate has been hired the head coach as Robert Sala, with the jet skis of Lebanese descent. No African Americans hired you mentioned there's still two spots. I know the guys we talked about in Houston, where all fit that category. I know Todd Bowles is the candidate still in Philadelphia. So it's possible that that kind of saves the day from that standpoint, and there were two African American G. M's hired in Atlanta and Detroit. So that's progress there. But at this point if it stays like this, the league is going into another off season where it's going to be confronted with these questions. Why aren't more minority candidates getting these opportunities? And quite frankly, the extent to which they made it a priority last offseason. I'm just not sure how much further they can go with it, and it's obviously something that bothers them and if they need to get handled Dan Graziano with the very latest during a really busy time in the NFL. Thank you, Danny. I will see you limit it later. It's Graziano, who is terrific with us in the mornings on TV. Hey, Wanna make sure you're aware economy? 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