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And we need that from time to time and i was also wondering why you've thought pardon would be a good soldier when a guy is going to different cities to party than where they actually travel proves. Get practice schedules as jersey in the rafters of the strip club. That doesn't necessarily say player to be well. I don't know. I thought he might be a good soldier so he could behind the scenes. Say look i'm going to do everything that you want me to do. But i want outta here instead of going to come in. I might be out of shape. And i'm not going to be a good soldier. I'm just going to go out there and play and i'll fulfill my duties. I'll talk to the media. But i won't say anything. I thought that maybe they would be able to approach it like that. And maybe they still can. But it doesn't feel like it's going to end well there in houston and in fairness to james harden. He's not the only one who goes to strip clubs and lives the lifestyle that he does. I mean there other players. There are other people who do this it. James harden has never hidden the fact that that's part of who he is in what he does. I can't argue with what he does during the regular season like. I mean that's his style you've enabled his style. He loves to shoot. He's the most unstoppable score that i've seen in a long time. I don't want him on my team. I love watching him and when it comes to the playoffs they usually bail out early now. Does he go to a team. That already has stars. And how does he act. What happens when things don't go his way. That's what would make me really nervous about james harden. He's had his way for eight years. He got he got to decide. If kevin mchale stayed on his head coach. He got to decide chris. Paul was going to stay in. Houston he got to decide if they wanted russell westbrook now he goes to another team and he doesn't get to decide anything that plane leaves when they you know everybody else wants it to leave. Film study starts when the team says it starts. There's practice for everybody like that's what would really concern me. James harden has to understand. This can get me out of houston. But how does that affect the team. That i might be going to because they might go and i would. Do i want this. Because i don't even know what i'm getting here. If miami a young structured team played well great team chemistry. And i bring that in if i go to brooklyn. I'm not the star. It's it's kyrie's team right and then it's katie's team and then i'm there's the third guy am i okay with that. Those are the questions that i would have absolutely more phone calls coming up. Justin tucker the ravens kicker who is headed to the hall of fame by the way man. We're going to have quite a morning. Feast here just me in the back room is got the burgers got some braatz. Got the fire burning snow to wonder that. I feel like jimmy stewart. And it's a wonderful life. Marry larry assadi. Oh that's what. I said when i walked in today and the only person there to greet me was the big german. But it was okay. I threw myself into his arms. And i said.

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