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To get some fresh blood new eyes a GM to take over And for John Elway and his 10 years of the helm. Some really high highs and some pretty low lows. And some embarrassments but also some incredible successes. And that's why it will always be a pretty complicated legacy for John Elway in the front office. As GM. Over the Broncos. Here's your phone number, 855 to 1 to four. CBS. I get 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 or on Twitter, DEA on CBS morass. How would you qualify? John Elway's GM? Well, when I hear John Elway's G, and the first thing that comes to mind is Paxton Lynch or Joe Flacco. We thought he still had something left. And ultimately I think that's just because we are in a what have you done for me lately? And I think as you bring up The whole point of becoming a general manager on the football team is to bring a Super Bowl trophy home. And John Elway admits one of the craziest free agency wounds of all time gets Peyton Manning to come to Denver and Peyton Manning ultimately wins that Super Bowl gets them to two Super Bowls. And in the end John Elway has 10 years is the general manager, and they do have five division titles so In what has always been a very competitive division. If your GM tenure over 10 years has a 50% hit rate, although it was all early on division titles and you win a Super Bowl. Yes, well, it's a mixed bag. I think if you take a step away, wait a year, two years, three years to look back on Elway's a GM get over the fact that is a quarterback. He couldn't find the right quarterback to replace Peyton. He still got him there and Peyton Manning in Denver. I mean, that is a huge part of Bronco history. He won a Super Bowl, so I think In the end, it does have to be considered success. And you don't win a Super Bowl just by bringing and Peyton Manning got to do a lot of other things, so that also has to go on his resume. He ended up signing the smart defensive players to help transition the team into a defensive, steady team. Ended up firing John Fox when it probably wasn't the easiest thing to do. They've got to the post season of the Super Bowl with him. He helps bring in Gary Kubiak, who seems to have that perfect touch with that 2015 team. So we did it. He did it and the Paxton Lynch thing and the Joe Flacco thing and all of the quarterback things that Trevor Simeon thing the broadcast Wyler thing. That's part of it, too interesting legacy for John Elway in Denver. He steps aside and we'll see who the Broncos end up bringing in. They've got an interesting ownership situation that might scare away some G M's. They've gone through this bizarre bull and family power struggle over their ownership. And so can they land the best GM knowing that that whole things hanging over them, and perhaps they'll have to sell. The team will see an interesting off season for the Broncos. No doubt when we come back here on the show your best audio of the day. In the NFL. Justin Herbert reacts the firing of his head coach. The Jaguars owner discusses firing Doug Marone. And Howie Roseman discusses what's going on with Carson, Wentz and Philly..

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