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Tom talk gun. It's the same number. Get you in here either way. Tuck in your calls, comments, questions. And if you don't like guns, we'll put you at the front of the line. Just tell me why. I'll give you the floor. I got to cut you off. I'm going to shout you down. We will, of course, exchange opinions and ideas. But that would be cool. If you really, really hate guns, call me and explain that to me because I just don't understand it. Because the reality is, I like guns. I like shooting guns. I like the mechanics of guns. I like the challenge of shooting well. And I like seeing the new cool stuff. And recently, I was able to run out to thunder ranch and shoot some more of the cool guns out there. Joining me right now to talk about kind of what we did out there, Dave O'Connor, from Smith and Wesson. We had some fun out there, man. Yeah, we did time and thanks for having me today, but yeah, the trip out comes under ranch, I think everyone had a good time. Yeah, anytime you get to spend a little time with Clint Smith, kind of the guru of this whole deal. He's kind of a combination of drill sergeant and stand up comedian at the same time. Yeah, yeah, no, absolutely. It was great. You know, meeting him in Heidi and Jeff. So just full of knowledge and it was great seeing them in action and learning from them through the coursework. Well, we were shooting the M and P shield plus. We had very cool. And the sheer plus and I've been shooting shields for a long time. And I just have a lot of people. You might have just explained what the difference is and how you get the plus. Yeah, so the second iteration Michelle family is a shield plus essentially increased the capacity to ten plus one and 13 plus one, 9 millimeter different stippling on the grift, less aggressive grip texture. Now, it also, is this one of the guns that's available now in the 30 super carry? Yes, yes, it is. We actually back in January partnered with federal 30 super carry caliber. So we have our shield plus and shield EZ chambered in 30 super carry. And they're both great shooting guns, real fun, different platforms, but they perform well. And the 30 super carry caliber, you know, it's great. You get the proven power of a 9 millimeter, and you get to add capacity and it kind of makes all the difference real world self defense scenarios and especially with the shield plus platform being a micro compact. It's great for concealed carry. Having the ability to increase that capacity, the similar ballistic performance of a 9, it's a home run in my book. So do you get about what your two extra rounds with a 30 super carry? So in a 30 super carrier actually, we were able to increase capacity to 16 plus one. Oh wow. Holy cow. Okay. You know, and I know there are people who say, okay, what's the big deal with a big deal is we have learned through studying lots of shootings out there. Police shootings, everybody else. It's not like the old days when people were carrying revolvers and unfortunately some of the people keep sighting statistics from them, which like, okay, the average gunfight is two rounds and three rounds or whatever. We now are being met with threats that may be multiple people and we will realize we get often takes multiple shots. I mean, like a lot of shots. And so that old adage where they say, you know, nobody ever thought he had too much ammo in the middle of a gunfight, right? Right, exactly. So it's definitely a plus to have that extra capacity in such a small footprint for sure. Okay. So tell me about this other cool new gun you guys have. The CSX. Yeah, so the CSX. We actually launched similar time around chateau back in January. So it's built on an aluminum alloy frame. It's got interchangeable back straps. It's 9 millimeter, 12 plus one capacity, amer fired gun, and then there's additional ten round magazines for deeper consumer that comes with it. But it's essentially, it's kind of nice and 11 S it's got that similar trigger design with flexibility in mind, and although it's a micro sized frame, it has Andy features, which is great for any lefty shooters shooters out there. If a hammer gun, but it does have a safety, a thumb safety that's very much like a 1911. I think anybody who's shot in 19 11s would be comfortable with this. Correct. And yet you have some of the features of the striker fired MMP with the interchangeability of back straps and such. It's kind of an amalgam or emerging. It's like you put a 1911 in MMP in a darkroom and came back a weekend later and this is what you ended up with. There's definitely similarities across platforms for fear. Real fun to shoot. I shot it over at cha cha. It's a neat little carry gun. Really cool. Okay, the other thing you guys have been doing is like a lot of folks. And I've been preaching ten millimeter for many, many years. And Smith has been in that field for a while, but you've got new versions or new things in ten millimeter. That's November last year. We released an M and P ten millimeter. We have it offered in a four inch and a 4.6 inch slide. It's designed to shoot bigger, faster flatter. Obviously it's ten millimeter packs a little more power than 9 millimeter caliber. So real comfortable to shoot even though it's a ten same MMP platform interchangeable straps, similar aesthetics, got that new flat faced trigger, also cover optics. So we essentially wanted to take the all the high end features of M and P pistol and provide it in a ten millimeter offering. And we can't let you go without talking about some of your long gun offerings the MP 12, what the heck is this goofy looking thing? Yeah, so the MP 12 was a big change for Chris Smith and Wesson products. I don't think a lot of people saw it coming, but it's essentially a bullpup shotgun 19 inch barrel, 12 gauge. It has two different magnitudes and you can chamber a variety of calibers, three inch, two or three quarter mini shells. It's a real cool design that their engineers came up with. So it's got magic selector at the end user can navigate. It can hold 6, three inch shells per tube, 7, two or three quarter tube, and many shells, you can also run out of it, which is always fun, higher capacity there. Yeah, it's a neat little design. It's got pick

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