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It's in work out. But I mean, like every time he said that he heard from a friend. It's like that was the good album to hook up to know that that is like you're Pavlov's that sets a mood time, like you went album. We have to listen to Adele, twenty one, and you're like, you don't want to take a quick shower, got track. Track off hand job too. Don't you. That's like someone. Yeah, wanting to get blown to like blue by Joni like, yes, put on put on the Angelo. Anything else? I masturbate to Bosch the show I watch it. I just need to have, you know. Smooth sounds on. Sounds of him driving around LA. Right? Here's a sexy question music or no music during the sexy time. Oh, I've done either. I love. I love a good little sound soundtrack. I almost never listened to music like there's something about there's music on in the house, but like there's there's such an artifice like sex, especially in a long term relationship doesn't have quite a bit of our way, but like there's such a, I've always felt so self conscious about the vibe of like picking a playlist anytime. I would read New York MAG sex diary or something like real thing of someone being like all they always had sex. This arm. Album. You like to your phone and like cast it to your apple TV like all the songs a little too, like base heavy or like I just also the intensity of can creep up on you. Like I remember my ex-boyfriend like the second or third time we like had sex like one plus one by beyond saying which is about being eternally in love and having like true ground swell, like love Ming, and she's like, what did you want her whole beyond thing? You might to shuffle in like like one of your own, like voice memos like good bit voice over audition from your voice memo. Just being like, whatever. Like trying. It's a footwell. Oh my foot. Well, it said that they were looking for naturalistic, but then the guy they went with, I mean, this guy's theater train. I mean, he's booming here like in some way, but that's not to say that you have experience of course blast in the classical music so that the. You're out of my own private. We're going to get back to what you said Boeing about in the special. It's revealed that during during me time as you, you had to block out. The sounds of the children who went to the elementary school that you live literally store. Yes, that's a horrifying thing. Yeah. So I mean, either guys living Laingsburg Nile ingredient. Okay. So it's the school on metropolitan and Leonard? Sure. It's like it's like it's a great school and like something I forgot what the bid is that most people that know schools in the suburbs, there is grass, and there are like things to climb on and fields like city schools are just like sound bath. It's ashphalt and like cage. Yeah, traffic right there. So the sound was that much and the kids didn't have anything to do except scream run around in a circle. Yeah, exactly. Just screaming each other and like I was writing at home alone and constantly procrastinating and like ten feet away and was always, I don't talk about this as much in the bit, but I like I, I like at some point all these people that have come out as like dark perverts in a way. I don't wanna misuse the term pervert bricks. Perversion implies a certain norm. Course I have come out is like, oh, something graduated to like sexual assault or like desribed. Ask other people at some point..

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